Tuesday, August 5, 2008

DBKL in Action

Woke up at 10.30am in the morning and had some SunMoulin bread for breakfast. Then, a bunch of DBKL workers and some police arrived at the corner house near us. They were there for about an hour. A lawyer came and settle some stuff and they went away.

Some police hanging out

3 DBKL trucks and the corner house

Some discussion going on

Chatted with WM and CM online and we decided to go out later for cendol. Had lunch and when it was about 3pm, WM came and pick me up. AP, ZL, CM were also in the car. We went to BabaLow for cendol.
i spilled some info about my nephew.
With WM's "parking skills", she damaged the front of her car. And with her "power" leg, she kicked the bumper back into place! Mum and J was there too. We chatted while eating. Mum paid and brought J home. I talked to them for another 5 minutes or so before they drove me back.
They came into the house to talk with GM for a couple of minutes before leaving. We had lunch for dinner as usual and decided to go to A&W for dessert. At 8.20pm, AC and MM came over and we all hopped on the Avanza and I drove there.
We ordered a Bear Essential and AC ordered a banana split. The usual Malay lady wasn't there and was replaced by two Indian workers. They scooped mixed flavours for our Bear Essential and when they noticed the mistake, she put it BACK!
Anyway, she gave us the right order and we finished our Ice Cream in no time. Mum went to order another All-Mint Bear Essentials. For the first time, we ordered TWO "Bear Essential" and finished it!

2 bowls of Bear Essentials all wiped clean!

We went home just in time to see some DBKL guys arrive at the door of the corner house. They came and placed some plastic barricades, filled them with water. Mum went to talk with the DBKL guy and another neighbour. The DBKL worker told her that if the owners moved it, they'll bring the concrete barricades!

Arranging the plastic barricades

Then comes the water truck
They filled it with water...
And left...

After half an hour, they were done. I went in to watch Pushing Daisies. Today's episode wasn't that interesting. Watched Ghost Whisper after that and I'm now watching "I Propose"...

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