Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Exciting and Dramatic

Woke up at 10am to hear DBKL workers. They came with the concrete barricades and placed them in front of the corner house. Took some pictures and had some Indonesian Brownies for breakfast. Owh ya, I also fell from the stairs for the first time in my memory! How careless...

First, they hook the barricade with the tractor

Then, the tractor reverses
And, put the barricade into place
Tada! End Product...
DLed some episodes and used the laptop as usual. Had lunch and waited for M to come home. Then, we watched another episode of MR together. Took a nap at 4pm. When I woke up, I called SS to ask him when are we going to the police station.
He said dad will bring me later. I called dad to find out what time he'll bring me. Dad told me that SS's couldn't retrieve the video footage of the car smashing into mine. Apparently it has overrided because it has been few days.
Really go dissapointed there. What's the point of paying couple of hundreds every month when you can't retrieve the footage? Haih, there goes our only hope of prooving that guy guilty...


We had dinner and dad went to TMC for groceries after that. He came home and we went to the police HQ in PJ. We went there to look for this Sargent. We waited for a long time because there were 2 cases in front of us.

At 9.30pm, it was our turn and I went in. After telling him what happened, he said that we DON'T have any strong evidence to prove that guy is wrong! He wanted to see the car anyway and we all went to where the car was parked.
felt some discomfort in my heart. if i die, i want to say i love everyone.
It was already very clear that we couldn't do much to prove him wrong. Dad was stubborn and talked and talked. In the end, we were given 2 choices, leave our car there for 1 week for forensic tests or CLOSE the case and pay for the damage someone else did.

Dad didn't want to leave the car there for such a long time so we closed the case and went home. Dad wasn't that satisfied with that and I could feel that he was quite upset too. What to do? Just have to take this as our bad luck...

Came home and watched CSI. Dad heated up the last few pieces of Banana Bun for our supper. Dad just got a paper jam and asked me to help him. I managed to get the 2 pieces of paper out without tearing any! So PRO, haha...

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