Monday, September 1, 2008

All In A Day's Adventure

Last night, I managed to get in bed by 11pm. At 12am, I had a toilet emergency and rushed to the bathroom. After dealing with my "business", I went back to my bed and rolled for quite some time before falling asleep again.

Woke up early in the morning. Dad already went out for a discussion/workshop. J went for tuition at 8am. E and M woke up at around 9.30am. Ate a Char Siew Pau for breakfast.

M watched Aeon Flux. I was supposed to be watching it with her but I still remember the storyline. So, I went upstairs and watched 2 episodes of YCOM (Your Class or Mine). After the movie, M came upstairs and played CakeMania2.

We went for lunch at almost 1pm. Mum drove to JayaOne while MM followed behind. The seven of us (mum, MM, M, AC, J, E and I) went to Wendy's for lunch. I ordered a "1/2 pound double with cheese" burger. That alone costs RM 14++ but it was nice.
1/2 pound double with cheese
Chocolate Frosty with M&M (RM 3.99 before tax)

For dessert, we ordered Frosties and I had a M&M Frosty all to myself (so did everyone). We then went to GTA's new house in SierraMas. They are only moving in on Thursday so the furniture wasn't brought to this house yet.

We went for a "house tour" once we got in. Then, while the siblings talked, the children hung around the pool area. E went into the pool and AJ gave her a towel and a big shirt when she got up. We left the place after staying for more than an hour.

We reached home around 5pm. Surfed the web on the laptop and started to get ready for dinner. While waiting for the others to get ready, M played CM2 and I watched her. We left the house a few minutes after 7pm.

We went to Tony Roma's in Cineleisure for dinner. This is because the SE shop is in Cineleisure. My phone's bluetooth has some problems and my phone couldn't detect my memory card. After ordering our food, dad and I went to the SE shop to get my phone fixed.

There were some customers in the shop so we had to wait. When it was our turn, the salesgirl replaced my faulty memory card with a new M2 card. Then, she tested my bluetooth before fixing my bluetooth problem.

M came and asked us to eat our dinner. I went back and finished my Sirloin Cheddar Grille while dad stayed in the shop and asked her about some Blackberry stuff. The others had already finished 80% of their meal. Dad joined us few minutes later.

Suddenly, we smelled some smoke and noticed that the guy two tables away from us was smoking. After talking to 2 waitresses that gave us some excuses and a blur face, a manager(probably the highest rank at that time) came and talked to dad. Dad gave him a short lecture and a scare.

The manager then kindly asked the guy to stop smoking. While I was still eating, Mum brought the girls to the Curve. When I was done, I was BLOATED! Some chemical reaction was going on in my stomach and I quickly rushed to the washroom to "answer nature's call".

Then, dad and I went to the SE shop again because the memory card couldn't be detected again. The salesgirl came to the conclusion that there is something wrong with the card reader software installed my phone. She suggested we go to Amcorp Mall to get it serviced.

We went into IT Hyperstore and browsed around. When we were done, we waited for mum and the girls to walk back here. Then, M and I went to McD to buy a Sundae (RM2 promotional price).

We reached home just in time to watch House. The show ended at 11pm. I came up and started checking on my games. Then, I start updating this post. For this, my plan to sleep at 11pm is blown to bits! It is 12.36am now. Night.

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