Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lunch at 1920 in Bangsar Village

I woke up at 11.45am today. I didn't have breakfast and went straight for lunch. At first we wanted to go to Delicious to eat. But when we passed by 1920, we saw a set lunch promotion and the waiter came and explained to us how it works. So, just to give it a try, we went to eat there.
Mum ordered Hawaian Chicken (grilled chicken with rice), M ordered Pan Fried Butter Fish Set and I ordered a Timballo (layers of pancake with chicken). Mine took the longest to come. It tasted like an ordinary lasagna but I give it 4 out of 5 because of its speciality. It is like a roti canai lasagna. Hehe.
Timballo from 1920.
Mine cost RM17++ and the total bill was RM 58.30. Average about RM 19 per person. We then went to Coffee Bean in BV II. I ordered a large Caramel. Sat for quite a while before going home. Parking was RM 4.50. Now, I'm just lazing around at home. Dad coming home today.

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