Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lunch at Subway in Bangsar

We went to Subway for lunch. It is actually quite coincidental that I read about it in CTQY's blog yesterday and M suggested it. M and I shared the Italian B.M.T. (foot-long size). The lady asked me if I wanted extra cheese and I said yes because I thought it was free. We didn't order anything for GM and E because we wouldn't know what they wanted to eat.

When we paid, the lady CHARGED us RM2 for the extra cheese! We made it a meal by adding RM3.50 for a drink and a piece of cookie. Dad came in after parking the car. He ordered for E and GM. We washed our hands and started eating. By the time we ate our sandwich, dad only finished ordering!

Our foot-long sandwich cut in half, a drink and a piece of cookie.

Take a look at my sandwich.

The cookie that comes with the meal.

The cookie was pretty flexible! I could even bend it into a V shape. E was taking super small bites on her sandwich. M and I went to 7 eleven and Kiosk to look for "Anything" and "Whatever". Unfortunately, after searching in 2 7Eleven and 1 Kiosk, we could find anything. We walked back to Subway and E still hasn't finished her sandwich. We waited for another 5 minutes before we left.

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