Sunday, June 29, 2008

To the Cinema, Finally...

Woke up in the morning and ate 2 pieces of "heung pang" (biscuit with some sticky fillings). Surfed the net and added some animation to my PowerPoint slides. They came back from BISDS at 11.30am. MM called to ask us if we wanted to go to the coffee shop near Atria for Dim Sum. I suggested Eden instead but someone gave an excuse that he doesn't know how to go there.
So, they went or lunch without us. I purchased 5 tickets for "Made of Honour" online before going out. We all went to Pizza Hut for lunch since M wanted to try the new StarzBites Sausage Pizza.
We went 2 round before finding an illegal parking spot. We ordered the Starzbites pizza set and another large Hawaiian pizza. The pizza set came with 4 soups, 4 breadstixs and a pitcher of 100plus (refillable).The pizza was okay but I didn't like the sausage part. When we were done, there was still half the Starzbites pizza left. Dad paid and we went to the handphone shop nearby.

The new Starzbites Sausage Pizza

Dad bought M a screen protector that was priced RM 8. The guy helped us to stick it on M's phone. He peeled the original protector off and placed the new one there. Unfortunately, the quality wasn't that good and it couldn't stick well on the phone and there were many bubbles. So, the guy said "thank you" and dad replied "thank you". All of us walked out without paying a cent! The worst things is J even took the small piece of cloth that the guy used to wipe the screen!

When we got home, we changed and went over to 97. MM drove to Gardens and we walked to MV. The queue for tickets was sooo long it reached McD. Luckily, we purchased the tickets online earlier and all we needed to do was collect the tickets at the kiosk.

The tickets

The 2.50pm show started at 3 something. Nothing unusual. The story was nice actually. The picture quality wasn't that good though. When it ended, M kept asking me why we didn't watch Get Smart instead. I just ignored her and walked on.
Before we left, I went to tha autopay station. It wouldn't receive RM10 notes so I walked back to the car and asked for more money. When I came back to the autopay station, there were many people in the line so I went up to P2. There was a counter there so I paid the girl the RM10.
Came home and started updating my blog. After dinner, I'll have to go out to bind my PITS assignment....

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