Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Recently I added this application in Facebook called My Heroes Ability. I got invited by LC and I got the "superhuman speed" ability. One of the attacks was "daze" which "disorientates" your enemy for 5 minutes. Maybe because I made so many people disorientated, I now have became disorientated myself.

I was relaxing at home surfing the net and watching Bleach in the morning. I only decided to go shower and get ready at 9.45am. Getting to APIIT obviously needed about 20 minutes plus another 10 minutes for me to walk to APIIT from where I park. I left the house at 10.15am and decided to send ML a SMS to inform Ms Hema that I'll be 10 minutes late.

I reached TPM and saw many cars got clamped! I parked my car and made sure that I scratched the ticket correctly because I didn't want to pay RM50 just like them. Along the way, I peeked at the cars who got clamped to see why they got caught. Some of them got clamped because they re-use their tickets, put the ticket on the dashboard but use something to cover part of it and some didn't even bother putting the ticket on the dashboard. Good for them.

I reached the class at 10.40am. The previous group was still there and Miss Hema wasn't here yet. Good. Less explaining to do. When Miss Hema came, she chased the previous group out because 2 of our classmates had no computers to use. During the class, she showed us some examples of the 2nd assignment. For the rest of the time, she asked us to do our assignment.

After the class ended, we still stayed in the lab and did some part of the assignment. We only went down for lunch at 1pm. Then, we hung out in L2-2 because there was some Open Day Introduction going on in L2-3. It was kinda weird looking at kids wearing casual clothing in APIIT.

Earlier, Miss Hema told us that she watched Get Smart and it was very funny. I told myself I need to watch it. Then, while we were in L2-2, KH and ML talked about it again! They said this part was funny and that part was funnier. I'm so jealous that they get to watch it in the cinema! So, I've made up my mind. This weekend, I'm going to GSC and watch a movie.

Before class started, AC told everyone to hand in the report by 3.45pm. Ms Sumathi replaced Mr Mohan today in IS because he has a meeting. Everyone was so sleepy while we learnt about Enterprise Computing. Ms Sumathi finished the syllabus by 3.15pm and ended the class. We asked her some questions about the assignment before leaving the class.

KH and I went to the lab so that I can give him the assignment. After that, I went home. Once I was home, I laid on the daybed wanting to sleep. After 10 minutes or so, I decided to climb upstairs to sleep in my bed. By the time I woke up, it was 6.45pm. Suddenly, I realised that I forgot to hand in my report to AC! Gosh, how can I be so forgetful? Luckily this is just a one-page report that doesn't count into my final marks.

I completed some parts of the assignment while chatting after dinner. YM called and asked me to sent them to TPM tomorrow morning. Of course I said yes. Now, I have to think of what to do during the extra 1+ hour. SS came and brought us some Kajang Satay. Transferred an episode of FH into the Tomato. Until now, I still haven't gone down to eat the satay.

I completed today's quota for my assignment by 11.30pm. Went to Facebook and only started updating. Once I signed in, I saw 2 comments! 1 from AM another 1 from WM (AM's sister). I'm surprised that they read this blog. Anyway, cool! At least they are "in". Not like some stone-aged people.
**Just went downstairs to find that the satay had been eaten by mum and there are none left**

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