Saturday, June 28, 2008

After THE Friday

Woke up with a weird pain at the back of my head. It was about 7am. I decided to go back to sleep. Then at 11.30am, I woke up. The pain was still there but I woke up instead. E called and asked if we would like to go Umai-ya. We said yes and half an hour later, GG, PP, mum, M, J, E and I went to Umai-ya for lunch.

After lunch, we went to pump petrol for my car. RM120 gone. We stopped outside the 4D shop in Lucky Garden while GG went down to buy his numbers. Then, we went to 97. We hung around there for awhile. Before leaving, we asked MM if she wanted to watch "Get Smart". She said okay.

At home, we checked online for seats. We found out that it was RM11 per seat and the only seats left were the ones in the front! So, our plan "tak jadi". Sucks. So we watched FH II instead. We went out for dinner at 7.30pm.

Dinner was at Muhibah in TTDI with GTA and AJ. The food there was all chewy. For example, the beef, the sweet and sour meat and the "Sotong". After dinner, AC suggested we go to A&W for dessert.

2 cars went first while GM, dad and I dropped by SS's house to give them some biscuits. They weren't in so I hung the biscuits on their door. After that, we went straight to A&W.

We found them sitting in a corner. They were already eating waffles with ice cream. There were 2 more bear essentials to be delivered to our tables. After a few minutes, they delivered the 2 bowls of bear essentials. The bowl with mixed flavours was placed in GG's table while the one with ALL mint was in front of me! MM, mum, E, J, M and I finished it soon enough. We wanted to order another one but the queue was too long!

After dinner, we waited outside TMC while dad went to buy some milk and junk food. At home, we finished watching the remaining 2 episodes of FH II. The ending was nice! Nice and happy endings are hard to find in TVB dramas nowadays. Hopefully, tomorrow we will go watch a movie...

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