Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lunch at Umai-ya in Uptown

We went to Umai-ya for lunch. When we found a parking, mum started to reverse into it and suddenly, a B*@(#! parked in that spot. PP opened the door and nearly wanted to get down and scold her but we managed to convince her no to do so.
So, we parked in an empty field and paid RM1.50 for it. In Umai-ya, I ordered a Chicken Teppan Set and Green Tea. The rest of them ordered their own stuff. Mine was the first to come. I took a bite and decided to wait for the others' food to come before continuing.

Chicken Teppan Set

GG said it was "good eat". To me, overall, the food was okay. I still prefer Mizu. The service here is also very bad. We clapped many times but they didn't respond to it. Most of the time, the only way to tell the waiter something is to wait for them to pass by our room.


  1. If you like Japanese food, try Kura at One World Hotel, great food

  2. Ya, I went to Kura once. nice.


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