Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day of 2008

Woke up at about 10am and had buns for breakfast. I then went to collect the VAIO with mum while waiting for the girls to get ready. Before that, she dropped me at the bank and asked me to help her transfer money.

After several failed attempts, I came out and asked her to show me how to do it. Then, we drove on to Northpoint. We didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes before it was our turn. And, we got Grace to serve us too!

Anyway, she told us there was NOTHING WRONG with the VAIO and asked us to bring it back to test again. Since they couldn't do much, we went out and drove back. We waited about 5 minutes before going back because 2 cars were blocking ours.

We then reached home at about 12pm. The girls quickly got in and mum drove to 1Utama. Once there, we decided to have lunch. Mum suggested Sushi ZanMai and she led the way.

There was quite a long line in front of the restaurant so I went walking around while mum waited in line. Once I came back, they were already inside. M then came out to bring me in.

This place didn't have set lunches so I just ordered a Soft Shell Crab Maki and a Chicken Karaage. The green tea was okay and the Soft Shell Crab and Chicken were both nice. At 1.55pm, Mum then paid the bill and left.

Soft Shell Crab Maki

Chicken Karaage

RM 98 bill!

We then visited most of the clothes store on the second and first floor along the bridge that connects boths wings. At 4.20pm, we finally felt tired. I managed to get myself 3 shirts. Two from DC Tribe and 1 from Add-on.

Mum then brought us to Pick N' Brew. Mum ordered the Tea Set for RM 12 (tea + a cake) and I ordered a Double Brownie with Ice Cream. The lady told me they were out of stock and I decided not to order anything.

RM 12 Tea set

Chocolate Mint Milkshake

When the food came, I tried the Yule Log which was WORST than one from the cruise. The tea was okay though. M's Chocolate Mint Milkshake was okay but not much mint was added.

The worst thing was that they gave E a straw with HOLE for her Iced Chocolate!!! When E drank it, she had a real hard time. When she realized there was a hole, I then notice that her shirt was all covered in dots of Iced Chocolate.

E's dirty shirt!!

Out of a sudden, the lady came and told me that the Double brownies were available again. I then agreed to get 1 to try. I was shocked when I saw how small their portion was. With the name "double" it was half the size of Delicious' Classic Chocolate Cake. It wasn't that great so it wasn't really worth RM 15++...

Double Brownies - Not so great after all...

When we were done, mum paid the expensive bill. We then walked to Jusco but stopped by Nike and other shops. Once in Jusco, M and J shopped for school uniform but was unsuccesful. I then came up and choose a RM 100 belt ( before 70% off) and mum paid for it.

Our Tea Time Bill - RM 64.90

Then, we planned to get out of 1U and go to Merlin. Instead, we spotted a shop named "Outpost" that sold school uniform too. M and J then went in to try them out. In the end, J bought uniform from there but M didn't because the cutting didn't suit her.

After that, it was already 7pm. We then decided to go for dinner. M wanted to go to Itallianies so she brought us there. We waited for about 5 minutes before we were seated. All the tables were either reserved or occupied.

We totally forgot the fact that today was New Year's Eve and they had a seperate menu for the day with MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE PRICING for the same portion. They didn't even have the party size food.

Anyway, we ordered Calamari Caesar Salad and Spaghetti Meatballs and shared among the 5 of us. They didn't serve water (which I hated) so we ordered 2 bottles of mineral water. We also finished 2 portions of bread!

Complimentary Bread - YUMMY

My plate - Calamari Caesar Salad

My plate - Spaghetti Meatballs

The bread was good as usual and so was the Spaghetti. We didn't like the salad because they added some weird herbs which didn't make it taste like the original Caesar salad.

At 8.10pm, we were done. Mum paid the bill and found out they charged us RM 6.90 per bottle of water!! That was totally unacceptable but we just kept quiet. For only 2 dishes and 2 bottles of water, we paid RM 94.20!!

Bill, Bill, Bill!!

We then came home and took turns to shower. At 10.30pm, all of us except mum went to SS's house to welcome the new year. Because of the jam, we arrived at 11.10pm.

We then watched TV while C and her friends chatted. At 12am, the fireworks started. We wished each other "Happy New Year" and rushed out to watch the fireworks. Then, we decided to go to SS's room where the view was much clearer.

After the fireworks from Curve and 1Utama was over, we went downstairs. I tried a sip of Bailey's which was AWFUL!! We then opened up a packet of Dark Chocolate Maltesers to share.

Baileys - Original Irish Cream

Dark Chocolate Maltesers

Next, SS, SS, K, Dad, M, J, E and I went to Damansara Utama for supper. We went to the stalll outside the Duck King and ordered 3 dishes of noodles. 2 Hokkien Fried and 1 Cantonese Fried. I ordered herbal tea to drink.

Herbal Tea - Quite good

Hokkien Fried Noodles

Cantonese Fried Noodles

After our supper, we paid off and went home. Traffic started to slow down from TTDI and only was cleared after we passed Eastin Hotel. This was because the police made the 4-lane road into a 2-lane. Because of this, we only reached home at 2.20am...

Traffic JAM caused by idiots!!!

As it was already very late, I decided to sleep without touching the laptop...

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