Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cousins' Day Out

Woke up at 9am and used the laptop till 10.20am. Then, I went to shower and get ready. After that, M came along to me to SS's house. We reached there at about 11am. At about 12pm, we went to Sun Yau Tak Teng in TTDI for lunch.

We went a few rounds before finding a legal parking spot. K helped me pay the parking ticket because we saw a police writing summons. I ordered a Pork Meat Yee Mee and a Iced White Kopi. The food and drinks were okay.

Pork Meat Yee Mee - RM 3.80

After that, we drove to the Curve. C led us to the RedBox. The RB here was much smaller but the rooms were slightly bigger. We were 20 minutes early so we waited near the receptionist counter. To get the student rate, C applied for the member card too.

At 1pm, we were shown our room, "41". Our package came with 3 hours of singing and 2 drinks for RM 8++. So, we combined 4 drinks and ordered a JUG of Sprite Lemon. Then, we ordered 4 other individual drinks.

Jug of Sprite Lemon

My Lychee Twist

The 3 hours was fun. We took turns to sing and when it came to those songs that I didn't know how to sing, I did some background singing. I did it so much that K already knew how I was going to background sing. And because of the drinks, I visited the washroom about 5 times!

We were supposed to end at 4pm but they let us sing for another 20 minutes. The last song we sang was Superman from Hot Shot and it was really HIGH! Then, we drove to McD Centrepoint to drive-thru.

We ordered 2 McFlurries, 5 apple pies and 1 banana pie. Since it didn't reach RM 20, I ordered a large fries. So, we were given another banana pie for free.We then came back to SS's house. Since we had nothing to do, we watched Hot Shot on C's laptop.

2 McFlurries

5 Apple Pies + 2 Banana Pies

Bills (RM 0 + RM 22.60)

After that, we went out for dinner at about 7.30pm. SS brought us to this coffee shop in Kota Damansara called D.U. Cafe which is the branch of the coffee shop in DU. I ordered Hokkien Fried Mee and it cost RM 6! It wasn't very nice anyway...

Hokkien Fried Noodles

After we finished our food, we dropped K at TTDI for her dancing class. We went back to SS's house. I took a nap and when I woke up, C was learning how to play CS! She was getting bullied by C!

In a short time, she improved a lot. Then, we played a new map in Half Life called snark_pit. It is full of traps and it was really fun. We played till 11.30pm before we left for supper at Wisma Original Kayu.

We sat upstairs this time. We ordered 4 teh tariks and 2 milo. SS also ordered a Cheese Naan and Roti Tisu to for everyone to share. The teh tarik was okay and the Roti Tisu wasn't as nice as before. Anyway, I still liked it.

Teh Tarik

Cheese Naan

Roti Tisu

SS paid and we left. We then went home to get our clothes because we decided to stay over at SS's place. It was 12.30am but nobody at home was asleep except GM. We quickly took our stuff and went home.

Reached SS's house at 1.10am. We watched 100% entertainment with K while I also helped C to fix a new little table that SS bought from IKEA. Finally slept at about 2.10am...

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