Friday, December 19, 2008

First Day of Holidays

Woke up at about 8.30am by the noisy kids downstairs. Told mum that I wanted to go to Northpoint and MV. Came back up and slept for another half an hour. Used the laptop till 10.30am. Then, M, MM, Mum and I went to Northpoint. I drove.

We parked in a Sony Service Center reserved spot. We waited for our turn while drinking coffee. About 10 minutes later, it was my turn. This time, I was called to Counter 3 and the lady's name was Grace.

She was quite old but still did her job very PROFESSIONALLY. She asked her colleague when she didn't know what part of the laptop it was called. After I handed my laptop to her, she checked for physical condition of my laptop and wrote it down. She also asked me to confirm it unlike the previous Indian lady who just blindly took it in.

After that, She asked me for the problem and I told her about it. Then, she started typing stuff. I asked mum to sit because after Grace finished her typing, mum had to sign some documents. At about 11am, we left the place.

I then drove to Gardens and parked there. We walked to MV and went to the G2000 there. When I asked the guy to let me try some shirts, he gave me a sample to "test" my size. For some reason, he didn't let me try the shirt I wanted to buy.

Anyway, I decided to buy a plain black, a plain dark blue and a plain brown shirt. All of them are Crease Free which was the main purpose I chose them. We then went over to Tous to look for Mum and bring her here to pay up.

My 3 shirts (RM 133.50)

We stayed in Tous for about 10 minutes before going back to G2000. Mum paid up and we left. The total for my 3 shirts was Rm 133.50. Next, M and I went to Royal Sporting House to look for some slippers for M.

She didn't see anything nice so we regrouped with MM and Mum. After some thought, we decided to eat at Esquire Kitchen. We ordered 10 Wor Tips, 4 Man Tou, Paprika Chicken and French Beans.

Wor Tip

French Beans

The food was good as usual but the French Beans tasted funny. MM paid the bill (RM 56.93) and we went on with our shopping. We went to Body Glove but stopped at a few shops before that. Once at Body Glove, M looked around and ended up buying 3 shirts.

Then, we went to Tropicana Life and other shops. When M decided to buy a pair of slippers, we went to look for mum and MM in Why Pay More. We went there twice but couldn't find them. We finally found them the third time. They were actually in the changing room before this.

Anyway, mum bought some pants worth RM 110+. While waiting for mum, I noticed that the staff in WPM is RUDE!! The BEST example of the WORST EMPLOYEES in the WORLD! Lazy, rude, ignoring people and many other "qualities".

After that, we walked to Tropicana Life and paid for M's slippers. We then we walked to NewBalance in Gardens. I didn't bother to buy anything because MM was in a hurry. So, we went to our car and went home.

40 minutes later, MM came over. M, J and I went in the car with Mum and MM. We then dropped MM off to collect her car. Then, mum drove us to Jaya One. We went to Wendy's to have a snack.

I ordered the Frosty Shake to try. To my surprise, the Frostys here was 50% off on TODAY because it is FRIDAY. The shake wasn't that nice and I still preferred the Twisted Frosty. Mum and M ordered potatoes.

50% off Frosty on Friday

Frosty Shake, Twisted Frosty and Sour Cream Potato

RM 11 bill (before M ordered)

After that, we went to Starbucks and used our tumblers. We ordered 2 ventis. 1 Caramel Hot Chocolate and 1 Green Tea Frap. We split it into 4 tumblers and got RM 2 off. The Caramel Hot Chocolate was NICE!

RM 32.55

At about 5.30pm, we went home. Then, I waited for M to do some stuff before finally going cycling. This time, we went bigger rounds around the housing area. We went 3 rounds and then rode to 112. Then, we rode up the T2 hill before going home.

We watched 2 episodes of The Nanny till 8pm before having dinner. I came up and used the computer for awhile. Then, we went downstairs to watch Who Wants To Be A Superhero 2. After that, I came up and started blogging.

At 11.30pm, C called me. He said he'll be bringing his friend over at 12am to do some video editing. So, I am rushing to finish this post before he comes. It's 2 minutes to 12am now. Bye...

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