Thursday, December 25, 2008

LF Cruise Trip Day 5

Woke up by DGG who came knocking on our door at 6.30am!! I set my alarm to 5.30am but it didn't ring because it was out of battery. I quickly went in and washed up. Then, I waited for the other boys to get ready.

At 7am, we quickly went to Ocean Palace for our buffet breakfast since it was the quickest. LC and I then took turns to get food. After that, we quickly had our breakfast as we had to leave after 8am.

My breakfast - Pau, Dumpling, Glutinous Rice, Sausage

Porridge with Floss and Onions

After breakfast, we made use of the remaining time to walk around deck 6. We then took some pics of the basketball court before leaving. Both of us then went back to the cabin.

Basketball Court

Looking towards the Main Building on shore

Right after I double-checked my stuff, I went to Stardust to get back my passport and check-out. Then, all of us regrouped at the deck4 lobby. When everyone was there, we found a spot and took a group picture.

Looking at the shore from our cabin

Then, we lined up to swipe our access card for the final time. We walked down to the port and walked back to the main building. Before going out of the building, the customs did a bag check.

Walking from the ship back to the Building

The last look at the SSL!!

After all of us passed the check, we went back home. E, M and I sat in KK and AP's car. They dropped us home and reached just after dad and the rest arrived. While taking the luggage, the boot came down on my head! I even felt the front part of my skull being pushed back!

When all the luggage was brought down, I went inside the house and slept at the sofa for about 2 hours. When I woke up, dad bought lunch from Chun Heong. He packed the Char Siew Rice which I forced myself to finish.

Then, I came upstairs to use the laptop. Not long after that, I laid on my bed and slept for another hour. I woke up and used the laptop again and then slept for another 2 hours!!

I then continued using the laptop till about 7pm. Next, I quickly showered to get ready for the Christmas Dinner at 97. When I came out, SS and family were already here.

SS brought crackers for everyone. All of us had fun opening them and looking at the little gifts included. Each cracker also came with a different christmas joke which was quite entertaining.

My Christmas Cracker!!

The stuff inside my cracker

Immediately, we went over to 97. AC and VT were walking down to BV when we arrived. All of us then went in and chatted. Not long after that, dinner was ready. The lamb was YUMMY and the other food was okay.

The food buffet

My plate of food


After eating, AC's friend A played the piano and sang for us. While the adults thought he was great, M and I didn't think it was really that much of a fuss. Next, we just stayed there and chatted till 10.20am.

All the guests left except mum and us kids. We then opened up our presents. GTA gave each of us a RM 50 "Times" voucher. MM gave us each a little bag filled with chocolates. A little poem wrote by AC was slipped inside each bag.

Christmas Present from GTA, wife and babies

MM's Christmas present to ME!!

After chatting till about 11am, we finally went home. I then got ready, washed up and went to bed...

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