Saturday, December 6, 2008

Food & Fun Again on a Study Week!

Woke up at 9.30am and used the laptop till 10.30am. Then, I quickly showered and got ready for the YISB meeting. The venue was changed from Sunway Lagoon to McD because LA's grandma was admitted to hospital and LA had to go to Penang.

I reached McD at 11.15am and saw ZW. We"catch-up" chatted for 10 minutes before H arrived. Few minutes after H arrived, NA arrived. At 11.45am, ZW had to go because she was meeting someone else.

2 minutes after ZW left, MR arrived. We sat down and chat till 12pm. Then, we went downstairs to order our lunch. I ordered a Big N' Tasty set while the others ordered their set. After lunch, we decided to go MV.

Big N' Tasty

Before we left the area, MR and H went to the bank while I accompanied NA to the photo shop to buy film and batteries. Then, I drove all of them and parked in Gardens. H was kinda scared because of a previous incident.

We walked around and decided to go for a movie. So, we went to line up at the cinema. It was a long queue. We saw RS and his girlfriend S too. After about 30 minutes, it was our turn. We wanted to watch Twilight but there was not enough seats for 4.

So, we decided to watch Lakeview Terrace. The show was at 2.35pm and it was only 1.40pm. We walked around because H wanted to buy a new wallet. We walked for 40 minutes and ended up buying nothing.

At 2.10pm, we were back at the cinema. They bought popcorn and drinks. I wanted to buy some stuff too but I only had RM 6 in my pocket. After they bought their drinks, we went into the cinema hall.

Sat there for 2 hours watching LakeView Terrace. It is a movie about a black guy that has problems with the newly-moved-in interracial couple. Watching Samuel L Jackson doing those stuff made me really ANGRY! I scolded him stupid twice to NA.

After the movie, we walked back to Gardens to get my car. Paid RM 4 for parking and that left me with RM 2. I was suppose to sent H home but she didn't want to be the first one to be sent away. I was kinda amused by her reaction. So, MR suggested we go for a drink at Pelita.

I drove around the area and finally parked in front of Pelita. I ordered Teh Tarik and the others ordered their drinks. ZW joined us about 20 minutes later. We chatted for another 10 minutes before we left.

I dropped H home and then dropped NA at the usual spot. Once I reached home, I used the laptop for awhile. M called me and asked me to go to 112 to go out with them. Since mum and dad are going out for dinner, I decided to join M.

J and I took turns to shower and went down to 112 at 7pm. I then drove everyone to SS3 for dinner in this coffee shop recommended by SC. It is a corner shop named Kuan Yew. We came here for the western food.

AM helped me order a Mexican Chicken. All of us ordered from that shop too except KK. The food took quite a while to come. Mine came first and I started eating. The chicken was nice and soft. Fries were also tasty.

Chrysanthemum in a Can

Mexican Chicken - RM 6

I drove home and dropped KK and family at 112. Then, I came home to set up for the LAN party. At about 9pm, SC and AM arrived. We played Half Life and C came at 9.40pm. We played Half Life and started playing CS about an hour or so later.

SC sent AM home at 11.30pm because she was tired and had to work tomorrow. We finally stopped playing at around 12.20am. M went to sleep while SC, C and I went to Original Kayu in Aman Suria for supper.

C bought a burger and brought it to Kayu to eat. While he ate his burger, we drank the drinks we ordered (teh tarik for me). We sat there and chatted on topics like divorce, relationships, fun, and life. At 1.50am, we went home.

SC dropped me home at 2.20am. I used the laptop briefly to do some facebooking. At 2.30am, dad came home. I laid down on my bed and thought about what SC said for a long long time. Finally fell asleep at an unknown time...

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