Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Cousin's Day Out

Woke up at 7.55am and used the laptop till 9am. Then, I washed up and got dressed. At 9.30am, J, M and I went to SS's house. We waited for C and K till 10.30am before leaving for Gardens.

We arrived at Gardens and parked the car. Then, we took the lift right up to 4th floor. We went into RedBox and asked for a room for 5. While waiting for 11am, they gave us the red drink too.

See the 3 seeds?

After drinking, I finally realized it was DRAGONFRUIT!! This is because there were dragonfruit seeds in the drink. About 5 minutes later, a staff led us to our room. Then, we ordered our lunch. I ordered a Fish N' Chips plus a cup of Lemon Tea.

Lemon Tea

Fish N' Chips(wedges actually)

After about half an hour of singing, the food arrived. The waitress that brought the food is was very polite which made me say "thank you" happily whenever she came in with our food.

The Fish and wedges were fried. It was nice but too much fried stuff doesn't match. Lemon tea was okay but I still preferred the Milk Tea. After eating, we continued singing. At about 1.30pm, the guy came in with the RM 55 bill. C paid for K and herself while J paid for us.

At 2pm, I went to the washroom. When I came back, I was surprised to hear that the system stopped us from singing already. The last time I came (with AC, AL and ZS) , we could sing 15 minutes extra. I guess we were unfortunate today.

Anyway, we went off and walked to MV because C wanted to go to G2000. Once there, C took about 20 minutes to decide which blazer to buy. In the end, she couldn't decide so we walked out empty-handed.

Then, we went to a stall in the concourse to buy 2 Cotton Candy! We were also given a free balloon sculpture for every purchase! We ate 1 Cotton Candy while walking to the car. The candy was nice and good!

Pink Cotton Candy - RM 2.50 each

The free balloon sculpture

Before going into the car park, C asked me if there was a Big Apple. I said yes and she decided to walk back to MV to buy some donuts. We waited for only 5 minutes before it was our turn. C ordered 12 donuts and paid for them. I chipped in RM 1, haha...

12 Big Apple Donuts for RM 21

Next, we walked back to the car. I paid the RM 4 parking and drove to SS's house. We finished the other Cotton Candy in the car! Just as we arrived at SS's house, C came home with his friends.

We went inside and ate the donuts. I tried the new Hawaii donut and it was nice. The other new donut (dancing queen) was the exact opposite. After that, we watched "Wild Child" from the middle.

The movie ended at about 5.30pm so we quickly went home. At home, I facebooked and blogged. At 7.20pm, we went downstairs for dinner. After dinner, I showered and started my revision.

At 10pm, I decided to stop studying. I then continued blogging till 10.30pm. After that, we watched HS till 12am. Going to sleep now. Night...

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