Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Spending Time At Home

Woke up at about 9am and used the laptop till 10am. Then, I went down to change into day-clothes because M's friend came. Used the laptop till about 11.30am. Next, I went inside my room and watched Mysterious Incredible Terminator.

I was watching the first episode of it. It is a Taiwanese Investigation Series. The storyline was kinda interesting but I dozed off one or two times. The episode ended at 1.30pm and I went down for lunch.

After that, I came up and watched the second episode of it. Right after that, WM asked me to go to 112. So, I drove the Persona down (because mum drove my Avanza and dad drove her Merc).

When I had nothing to do, I turned on my laptop and watch episode 3 of M.I.T on my VAIO. LZ wanted to hear what I was listening on my earphone so I shared half of it with her. She ended up watching the whole episode with me.

Dad came to give WM and CM planners and diaries for next year. After some chatting, he went home. I stayed for another 10 minutes and it started to rain. I excused myself and drove home.

At home, M and her friend was playing CS. I then decided to play Half Life with them. It was kinda fun shooting each other. We had some great laughs too. JW went home at 7.30pm and we stopped the game 20 minutes later.

We had our dinner and showered after that. Ate some ice cream at about 8.30pm. At 9pm, KK, AP, SC and AM picked M and I up from our house. We went to 112 again to play CS! M and I introduced them to Half Life but the didn't like it.

So, we played CS. This time, we played in a new map. Things was abit confusing at first but the game went better later. We played till 12am! The bots were set to "normal" and it was kinda challenging for us.

AP and KK bought some Roti Canai so we ended our game and ate the food. After we were done, SC sent us home in KK's car. Once home, I came up and started blogging till now. It's 12.56am now and I better sleep early...

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