Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Farewell K Session

Woke up around 10am and had Koko Balls with milk for breakfast. Watched TV till 12pm and fell asleep for awhile too. Mum and M then came back with M's results. She got straight A's (7a) which was nothing unusual for her.

Anyway, I came up and finished up on the "day 4" post. After that, I went downstairs for lunch. Right after lunch, we drove to SS's house to pick C and K up for the K session at the Curve.

After parking, we walked to Redbox and saw quite a few people lining up. When it was our turn, the receptionist told us that we had to wait till 3pm since we didn't make reservations. C then booked the 3pm slot and gave her details.

Since we had an hour, we walked to Ikano and decided to try KikKok. I bought the chocolate Kikkok while C and K bought theirs. I shared mine with M but it wasn't really that special.

Chocolate Kik Kok - RM 2

KikKok Stall in Ikano

We then found a place to sit and finished up our food. First, we went to Crocs and looked around. Then, we went into Vincci because C was looking at some shoes.

Next, we looked at some toys in the ground floor. The receptionist then called us and said the system was down and asked us if we could shift our session to 4pm. C told her we couldn't because she has an appointment at 7pm. So, the receptionist agreed to give us 3.30pm-6.30pm.

Since we still had some time, we looked around at some shops. Then, we walked to Ikea and bought 2 ice creams (for K and I) and a Hotdog+Drink combo (for M and C). We then shared the drink among the four of us.

Ice Cream from Ikea

We refilled it 2 times before we left the place and walked back to Redbox in the Curve. Since the room wasn't ready, the receptionist let us use the VIP room for half an hour before switching us to the standard room.

VIP Room with PS2

Private Toilet

The girls just warming up

My 2 drinks

We then sang till 6.50pm before leaving. The lady mistakenly allowed us to sing till 7.30pm but we had to go to PP's house so we paid and left early. I choose the very last song titled "bye bye" which we all sang for C.

The Bill with 15% tax!! - RM 32

I then drove to PP's house because everyone was there for dinner. We were the latest car to arrive. We went in and had our dinner. After dinner, we had "yee sang". The next activity was watching the Cruise Photos on TV.

We watched TV till 10.30pm before deciding to go to Kanna for supper. All 15 of us went in 4 cars. I ordered a Teh Tarik and shared 1/4 of Roti Bom with K. We then sat there chatting and having fun.

Teh Tarik

Roti Bom

At the end of the day, it was time to pay. The 2 straight A's students were suppose to pay for the supper. Unfortunately, LM was too slow and KH went ahead to pay for everyone.

We then went back to PP's house because K and SS had to take their stuff. Then, I tailed behind SS while he led me back to the highway. Once back on familiar road, I drove home.

Reached home at about 12.10am and started to blog. It's 12.50am now and I shall go shower and sleep. Night...

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