Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Thrusday Again!

Woke up at 9am today and heard the cleaner downstairs. I then decided to eat cereal. After that, I came up to disturb M and the others. While they washed up, I used the laptop. At 10.40am, I went downstairs to check on M.

My Bowl of Cocoa Pops with Milk

She was watching TV so I waited for her to finish her show. After that, we came up to watch Episode 4 of Hot Shot. It ended at 12.10pm and we went down for lunch. After lunch, I came upstairs and found out something.

I asked the girls if they knew what I found out. J immediately knew that the Internet has been disconnected thanks to the cleaner! My mood to watch another episode was already gone. So, I watched TV instead.

At about 2pm, M and I decided to go to SS's house. We packed our stuff and drove there. We reached the place at 2.30pm. Only K was at home so we played Monopoly with her. At 4pm, C and C came home. C made us some sausages for tea.

Which is nicer? C's Creation...

...or K's Creation?

When it was done, we took a break and went to eat them. I requested for some presentation and so C and K used their creativity to decorate the sausages. After we finished eating, we continued our game. At 4.30pm, M finally won the game.

We then played some cards. After that, we laid on the sofa and chatted. At about 5.30pm, K streamed some videos from Youtube for use to watch. She introduced us to 2 Japanese kids living in US doing some funny stuff like acting and singing.

After that, I streamed some videos of Back Dorm Boys which I stumbled upon few years ago. We took turns to shower. Then, we watched another 3 videos before leaving for dinner at 8pm.

We decided to eat in Esquire Kitchen in 1U. SS ordered the RM 58++ set and ordered some extra dishes from the menu. About 20 minutes later, the food arrived. I was very satisfied after finishing my meal.

Our Set + Other dishes. Yummy!

We ordered Xiao Lung Pao to try. Tasted awful!

The RM 113.16 Bill!

SS paid and we walked around. Our last stop was the Chinese Herbal Shop. We ate Guai Lin Gou there and I had one small cup all to myself because M didn't want to try. After that, we walked back to the new wing. Left the building at around 10.30pm.

Guai Lin Gou (RM 4.50) - Nice!

Once back at SS's house, we watched the BDB's videos and also searched some other videos like TreeMan and SnakeBaby. It was already 11.40pm so I asked M to go home. After we collected our stuff, we said goodbye, thanks and left their house.

Reached home and turned on the laptop. It was already 12.10am so I quickly wrote this post. It's 1.15am now. Should be sleeping soon. Night...

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