Friday, December 26, 2008

LF Cruise Trip - The Aftermath

Woke up at 9.45am today and still could feel the wobbly sensation. Washed up and used the laptop to blog. Went down and took a Mexican Bun for breakfast. When I came up, M was using the laptop. I laid on my bed and watched her play.

Then, I took a nap. At about 12pm, M asked if I wanted to go to 97 for lunch. I rejected her and went on to sleep till about 1.30pm. Then, I woke up and got in the mood to blog. I managed to finish Day 1. Then, I went downstairs for lunch (Cremeria ice cream) and watched tv.

After eating, I sat at the sofa and watched Futureweapons. Fell asleep for another half an hour or so. Then, I came up to blog. The mood was gone and I was staring into the screen and decided to lie down on my bed.

Fell asleep for another 2 hours. Woke up again and started to blog for Day 2. Managed to finish the post for day 2 by 6.30pm. I quickly went to shower and get ready. When I came out, mum and J were looking at the pics.

At 7pm, MM arrived. We waited for mum for another few minutes before leaving the house. Then, I drove to Desa Park City. Took the wrong turn and went to some place in Kepong. After about 15 minutes, we managed to get back on familiar ground.

I then made my way to the Waterfront. I ended up in CarPark 2 but someone said it's too far. So, I drove to CP 1. Dropped them off and circled the parking lot MANY times. Then, AJ came and brought me to CP 2 where there were PLENTY of parking spots.

We walked about only 100m before reaching One Noodle. GTA already ordered so we just chatted while waiting for the food to arrive. Managed to take some pictures but gave up since there were too many dishes.

Clear Soup

Fried Eggplant with Floss

Fried Chicken

Overall, the food was quite good and so was the tea. After GTA paid, we went to 7eleven and M bought Slurpee. I took a few sips while the girls finished it. Next, we wanted to go to GTA's house.

Large Slurpee

AJ went to my car because I don't know the way to there from here. With directions from her, we arrived at her house. We went in and walked around the house and chatted. Amber doubled her size since we last met her too.

When we were done walking, we just sat near the pool and chatted for about an hour. We then decided to go home as it was about 11pm. We loaded some cardboard boxes into the avanza and drove home.

Once home, I used the laptop to blog about today. Facebooked on and off while blogging. It's 2 minutes till 1am now and I should be sleeping soon. Night...

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