Sunday, December 14, 2008

Exam is TOMORROW!!

Woke up at 11.35am today! Used the laptop till 12.30pm. Had 2 slices of bread with Meat Floss as breakfast. Then, we packed our stuff and drove to SS's house. Finally reached there at 1pm.

After 10 minutes, WM and AJ arrived. They came in and chatted with us for awhile. Before they left, the asked us to drop LZ and LZ's piano bag at 112 when we go home. SS gave me my Christmas present today.

My Early Christmas Present from SS

At 2pm, SS drove the Avanza and we went to Sai Kong in Kepong. It was 2pm so there wasn't much people in the restaurant. SS ordered the food and we ate it. I was full after my meal. We then went home after SS paid.

Once home, I turned on the laptop to use the Internet. It kept disconnecting for some reason. After an hour, I gave up and decided to revise some QM. After about an hour of revision, I turned on MSN and chatted with AC. Helped him with some QM too.

Then, I played Jedi Outcast Single Player Mission till 7pm. I got stuck about 3 times because you have to really use your brain to continue. At last, I gave up in a huge room with platforms to jump.

At 8pm, SS, SS and C came home with GM. We then waited for C to shower. At 8.30pm, we drove to IKEA for dinner. I ordered 15pcs Meatball and 1 Mineral Water. The total bill for 9 of us was RM 95++!!

15 pieces of Meatballs for RM 14.70

I was satisfied and COLD after dinner. When we were done, M, K, J and I walked to Ace Hardware at Ikano to buy a can of Toyo Grease and a can of Selley's RP7. They didn't have stock for Toyo Grease so we just bought the RP7 for RM 11.90.

Selley's RP7 - RM 11.90

Then, we lined up to buy 4 ice creams from IKEA. A very kind guy paid for the 4 ice creams, *Ahem, cough, me, cough*. Then, we walked to the lift and waited for SS and SS. After 10 minutes, we decided to wait in the car.

IKEA Ice Cream - RM 1 each

So, we went to the car and waited for them there. Few minutes later, they arrived. SS drove home and we quickly went in to take our stuff. Then, I drove back home. By the time we reached home, it was about 11pm.

Mum, dad and E was already back from their trip. I then sprayed the RP7 on some parts of my bike. Then, I came up and started blogging and helping AL with QM. Then, I continued blogging.

At 12.36am, dad gave me a letter sent to me by TTC. Full of curiosity, I opened the letter. It was some scholarship asking me to go for interview. It seems to be a fully paid course with allowance. Unfortunately, it is for engineering so I just decided to ignore it.

Going to sleep soon because exam is tomorrow! Night...

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