Wednesday, December 24, 2008

LF Cruise Trip Day 4

I woke up at about 6am. Washed up, showered and woke the others up. Then, we all went to Four Seasons for breakfast at 7.10am. SS and the girls came along too. We were then seated at table 121 and was served by a Chinese lady.

The Breakfast Menu

I ordered a 3-minute Half Boiled Egg, Fried Eggs Over Easy, Spanish Frittata, Hashbrown, Turkey Ham and a Grilled Tomato. This waitress was so blur!! She was looking at air when we gave her our orders.

Anyway, I then went to the buffet area to take some muffins, pastry, bread and buns. My eggs was served but my hashbrown, ham and tomato was MISSING!! When the rest of them ordered for seconds, I had to reorder my missing food.

Bread, Buns and Pastry

3-minute Half Boiled Egg and Fried Eggs Over Easy

Spanish Frittata

Hashbrown, Turkey Ham and a Grilled Tomato

The food was good but the service was not. Anyway, we went out at 8.30am and got ready to go down at Singapore. At 9am, ALL of us gathered and went down to the Harbour. We then realized LL was missing.

Looking out to Sentosa

Walking to the Customs

So, all of us waited till she came down. After that, we went ahead to line up at the customs. The line was quite long and it took us awhile before we were done. Once we were cleared from the customs, we were already at Vivo City.

Then, we split into 3 groups. DGG, SGG and their family plus AP, KK and GM went to Chinatown, NZX and other places. SS and family then stayed at Vivo City the whole time. Dad brought our family and LC to shop around Vivo City and we went to Raffles Mall after that.

We walked around looking at the shops but didn't buy anything. The stuff here was cheap if we earned SGD but when converted to RM, it was expensive for us. Dad then went to HSBC to run some errands.

The rest of us then went to Adidas to look around. After that, we asked LC to look for dad. He came back and told us dad wasn't there. So, we went looking around for dad. After a long and tiring search, I decided to go back to HSBC to check if dad was there.

I then found him there and he just finished his errand. We were all tired but E wanted to look for her New Balance shoe. So, we decided to walk to the MRT and take the MRT to Raffles. Dad gave us the money and LC and I went to buy the tickets.

We stopped at Outram and changed line and waited 3 stations before reaching Raffles. Once there, we looked for the NB outlet. To E's disappointment, they didn't have the shoe she wanted. One thing good about this mall was that there were 3 water features that were really beautiful.

Next, we went to Burger King but saw a shop named MOS Burger right next to it. So, we decided to try MOS. I ordered a MOS Cheeseburger for about SGD 3.50. I also ordered 2 Apple Pies for SGD 0.50 each.

MOS Burger and Apple Pies

MOS Cheeseburger

The burger was quite nice but I didn't like the fries. Apple pies were okay too. The rest of them ate their own burgers. LC ordered a Rice Burger which was quite interesting. After lunch, we walked abit more.

Then, we took the MRT back to Harborfront. We went to Candy Empire and saw SS's team there! They said they were going back on board soon so the few of us went with them. Mum, dad and E went to the bank and did their stuff.

Dad gave us SGD 50 each so we went inside Candy Empire and bought some chocolates. We mainly bought those chocolates that we couldn't get in Malaysia. We bought a total of about SGD 26 worth of candy!!

The bunch of YUMMY candies!!

Next, LC wanted to buy a Nike bag. So, all of us reluctantly followed him. I was tired and moody by then. After he bought the bag, we went back to the harbor. Someone spotted Cocoa Tree and all of them went to look at the candy again.

After what felt like an eternity, we finally boarded the ship. It was already 3.40pm and tea time ends at 4pm. So, SS and I went up to deck 9 for tea. I just took a coffee and sat with mum, dad and E.

Then, I went down to my cabin and rested. LYS bought a new phone from Singapore and they were checking it out. When I was chatting with LCQ, I noticed that their group didn't get back the SGD 1 deposit for their MRT tickets!!

They were 12 of them in the team and they bought 2 tickets each! Which makes out about nearly RM 60 worth of money!! That really is an expensive souvenir.

We watched TV and slept till about 5pm. Then, we took turns to shower and got ready for our early dinner. Since it was Christmas eve, majority of us wanted to have western dinner.

SS went to line up at Four Seasons and the line was really really long. It almost made a full circle in the lobby. At 6.30pm, they opened their doors and we managed to get in by 6.50pm. We were given 3 tables and when I saw 121, I quickly went to the next table.

Christmas Eve Dinner Menu

I ordered a Soft Shell Crab appetizer, Lobster Bisque, Beef Wellington and a Christmas Yule Log for dessert. Today's food was even better than the Gala dinner. Amazing crab, soup and beef. The dessert was nicely decorated but it didn't taste half as nice.

Delicious Soft Shell Crab

LC and I shared Lobster Bisque...

...and Miso Soup

Beef Wellington

Cute Christmas Yule Log

We were the first table to finish our dinner by 7.45pm. Unfortunately, the other 2 tables weren't done. So, we decided to take our time and go for the next session of the performance. We then finished up and went to the deck 9 to get some sea breeze.

Once there, we bumped into SGJ. He suddenly gave LC and I a crystal light doll each. He bought it from Singapore at 3 pieces for SGD 10. His daughter only wanted one of the dolls and so he decided to give it to us.

The Cute Ultraman Crystal Light

He then went off to look for GCL which he was looking for about half an hour already. LC and I then continued walking up to deck 10 and enjoyed the breeze. Suddenly, we found LQK and GCL lying on the deckchairs.

We went to join them and told GCL his dad was looking for him. He came back a few minutes later without any results. Suddenly, SGJ came and found us. While lying down, he talked to us about some interesting topics like his gambling stories.

We sat there for more than half an hour listening to him. I was really cold because today's breeze was cold instead of the ones we experienced before which was just windy but not cold. At about 9pm, I finally decided to leave because I really needed to go to the washroom.

All of us then left the nice spot and went to our rooms. Once there, we noticed our beds were made and folded in a unique way plus the housekeepers left us a bag of Christmas cookies. We opened it to try and it was quite nice.

Complimentary Christmas Cookies

After a short toilet break, all of us went to Stardust to watch "Eight Day". It was a great show with acrobatics and dancing as usual. We then went back to our rooms after that and rested for another hour.

At 11.30pm, we went to deck 4 for the Christmas parade. We just gathered and walked up to deck 9. Once there, everyone was given a packet full of noise-makers. The live band started playing and people started taking pictures.

The crew's parade

At about 11.40pm, Myla went on stage and asked everyone to clear out. Then, the dancers did a small performance followed by the Acrobats. Next, the captain came up and started the countdown.

Miss Myla making her speech

Brazillian Performance

China Acrobatic Performance

The Captain counting down!

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1..MERRY CHRISTMAS!! The people then started partying and dancing. The rest of us just stood at the sides moving a little bit. LC and I then went photo hunting. We took pictures with some of the crew and entertainers.

The Party Begins...

...and The band begins to play!

Everyone Having a Good Time

Then, we went upstairs to take pictures of the party. Then, we went back down to enjoy the nice music and mood. At about 1am, the band stopped playing and the crowd faded. Suddenly, a few Australians asked everyone to go Boomers to continue the party.

The few of us kids went up to deck 10 and relaxed there for quite some time. The girls then went back to their cabin while LQK, LC and I stayed there. After about half an hour, we went down to deck 9.

LQK was talking to his girlfriend while we just sat there. LC and I then decided to check out Boomers. Once there, we saw only 6 people dancing there. As we left, a big-sized Australian girl shouted "No, don't leave!!".

We went back to deck 9 and waited for LQK to finish his conversation. We then decided to leave him alone and went back to our cabin. To our surprise, GCL was still awake watching WWE at this time (around 2am).

I quickly washed up and went to bed. LQK came back soon and they watched WWE. I was the first one to fall asleep...

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