Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's OVER!!

Woke up at 8am today. Used the laptop till 8.20am before going to wash up and shower because dad was in the toilet. Anyway, reached LRT at 9.10am and KW was already waiting for me. We then drove to HOL.

Met up with AC and DY. ZS arrived just as we arrived. AC bought McD breakfast for us (he called and asked us for orders in at 8am). After eating my hashbrown, sausage mcmuffin and coffee, we discussed some CT briefly.

At 9.50am, we left the place and went to the exam hall. Went in for CT. The exam was okay. The objective section was easy because I knew the answers to most of the questions. The subjective parts were slightly harder but I am confident in getting B and above.

One hour after the exam started, I came out. After I came out, one by one, everyone started to come out. By 11.50pm, AC, AL, ZS and KW were already out. We used AL's laptop to buy tickets for "The Day The Earth Stood Still" in MV.

At 12.20pm, we left BBJ and headed for MV. Before that, I dropped KW off. There was a slight jam going into Gardens. About 20 minutes later, I found a parking space in P1. Then, I waited for AC and ZS.

10 minutes later, they parked the car. We went to Food Junction and they started ordering their food. Moments later, AL and MY arrived. We took turns to order food because I only had 1 discount card.

I went to order a Korean Beef BBQ Set. Somehow, I saw it as RM 9.90 and decided to try it. When the cashier punched it in, I saw an extra figure in front!! It was RM 19.90!! Luckily, with my card, it became RM 18.80. It was still expensive though.

The Korean lady owner was there too. When she saw my card, she excitedly shouted to the cashier "10%! 10%!". In a way, it kinda cheered me up. 10 minutes later, I went to get my food. Both of them then said "yes, this is beef bbq. Enjoy your lunch".

Korean Beef BBQ Set - RM 18.80

Close up on the Beef

The beef was quite nice and so was the soup. The thing I disliked was the rice. I ate some kimchi and didn't touch the "ikan bilis". Overall, the food and service was good but I wouldn't be paying RM 18.80 for this anymore.

After lunch, we walked to GSC in MV. We bought some drinks before going in. I bought a Ice Lemon Tea for RM 2.50. Sat in the cinema for 2 hours watching "The Day The Earth Stood Still".

It's a movie about aliens planning to destroy humans on earth because humans are "killing" earth. In the end, the alien decided to give humans another chance. Although this movie is a warning, sad to say, I doubt that it would change our lifestyle...

After we came out of the cinema, we walked around MV and Gardens for half an hour before finally saying goodbye to each other. I walked to my car and paid the parking. Reached home at about 5pm.

Saw E playing a game called Supermarket Mania and decided to try it too. After that, I used the laptop till 7pm. Then, we went down for dinner. Came back up and used the laptop again. Watched Bleach 199 at about 9.30pm.

When I was done, I unplugged the VGA and the whole laptop hanged. Hoping it would recover, I went downstairs to watch some TV. An hour later, I came up and saw the laptop still hanging there.

I forced start it and started using the laptop again. Started to blog at 11pm. Wasted my time doing nothing in front of the laptop. Staring into it and occasionally chatting with people.

For some reason, the holidays barely started but I'm feeling kinda bored. What should I do with 5 weeks?? I'll decide when the time comes.

Anyway, its almost 1am now. I better sleep soon because I'll have to send the VAIO in tomorrow and also hopefully do some shopping!! Night...

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