Saturday, December 20, 2008

24 hours before the Cruise!

Woke up at around 9am. Used the laptop and got ready to go to Gardens. M wanted to follow so we waited for her to wash up. We reached Gardens at 11am and went to New Balance. I gave up on shopping for shoes but we still visited EVERY shop on the third floor.

After that, we had lunch in Crystal Jade. It was our first time there and I ordered the set E. The waitress all wore suspenders which was kinda ugly! We waited for about 15 minutes before our food came.

Crystal Jade

The LaMian was too plain but the wanton was okay. The "cold cucumber with garlic" tasted just like a plain cucumber. The Xiao Long Bau wasn't good at all. Plus, the Osmanthus Cake with Wolfberry was too oriental and weird for me.

Set E

Soup LaMian with Vegetable Pork Wanton

Cold Cucumber with Minced Garlic in Sesame Oil

Steamed Pork Dumpling (2x)

Osmanthus Cake with Wolfberry

The bill - RM 72.55

Mum paid off the bill and we wanted to continue shopping but we couldn't because we had to pick dad up from the car servicing center. So, we walked to our car. Before that, we walked by Action City and a new cute toy caught our eye.

After some exploring and discussion, mum decided to buy 10 because there was a "buy 10 free 1" promo. So, we bought 11 of the item for RM 159!! I can't tell what the thing is because it's going to be someone's Christmas present.

Anyway, after we exit, we drove straight to the Proton Service Center in PJ to pick dad up. Then, he drove us home. At home, I used the laptop till about 4pm and then M and I watched MIT 05.

I then went slept for a while before going downstairs to watch TV. At 6.30pm, we left the house to go dinner at Uptown. It was raining so dad decided to bring us to the new (few days old) mall called "Tropicana City".

It was so new that there were still workers cementing the floor outside the main lobby. We went to the information counter to ask which restaurants are open. We walked to the end of the place and then dad called to say we will be eating in Kenny Rogers.

So, we, with GM, had to walk ALL the way to the OTHER end for dinner. I ordered a 1/4 Chicken set for RM 15.90. I choose a Chocolate Muffin, Mashed Potato, Potato Salad and Fruit Salad that came with my Original Chicken.

ROCK HARD Chocolate Muffin

1/4 Chicken with 3 sides - RM 15.90

The chicken here wasn't nice because they just poured the sauce onto the chicken unlike Nando's where the spices seeps into the chicken bone. The muffin from this outlet was HARD! The MV outlet had MUCH BETTER muffins. The side dishes were fine.

M, J and I left dad and GM there while we went to Hang Ten to see what they had. We ended up spending more than half an hour there looking and trying on clothes. It was 50% off for 4 pieces and above and we ended up buying 5!

2 shirts for me, 1 pants and 1 shirt for M and another pair of pants for J. The total was RM 201.50. Surprisingly, they only accept CASH!! Luckily, dad brought cash and so he paid. We decided to go home because we were already half an hour late for our CS party.

Once home, I quickly went to shower. At 9.10pm, the CS members arrived (AM, YM, SC). We played Half Life for awhile before playing CS. LC joined us at about 10pm. We played till 11.50pm and dropped the girls home.

Then, the 3 of us guys went to Sri Nirvana Maju for supper. I ordered a Teh Tarik and Roti Planta (good!). We chatted and chatted (I mostly listened) till 1.50am. SC insisted on the bill so he paid. I couldn't remember how much but LC and I both contributed RM 0.10 since SC didn't have small change!!

Once home, I brushed my teeth and went to bed. Wanted to blog but it was too late because I planned to wake up at 6am. Going for cruise tomorrow so there'll be 5 days without any post...

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