Saturday, December 27, 2008

Getting Back In Shape

Woke up at 8.45am and started using the laptop. Played Pet Society and blogged on and off till 1.30pm. Then, I went down for vegetarian lunch. The food wasn't that great but I still ate it.

When I came up, M was using the laptop. I just watched her play for about an hour before dad came and said he needed to use the laptop. So, we let him used the dell while we extended the desktop to the Bravia and watched episode 6 of MIT.

After an hour of watching, M followed SS, SS and C to Petaling Street to have some snacks. I then went down to eat some cremeria. Once I came up, mum was using the laptop to view the photos. So, I just laid on my bed. Didn't even fall asleep today because just as I was about to sleep, I received an sms.

I ignored the message and got up to do some blogging. When M came back, she and I rode down to 112. Then, SC and AM got their bikes and we rode to BHP. On the way, SC told us that 2 cars were set on fire when he came to our house.

After pumping air into our tires, we rode to the water tank and rode all the way uphill to the Loft. Then, we rode downhill to TMC as usual. This time, AM was with us so SC stayed back with her. M and I went ahead and reached 112 in about 20-30 minutes.

We waited for about another 10 minutes before SC and AM came back. I clapped when AM came back but then I realized I wasted it because all AM did was push her bike for half the journey uphill.

Anyway, we ate some "tong sui" that AP made. We were then too lazy to cycle uphill and plus KK was washing our tires (even after I told him not to). So, we asked dad to come pick us before they went for dinner.

At about 7.20pm, they came in 2 cars (plus AC and MM) to pick us. We went back to the vegetarian restaurant (Simply Organic) in Taman Desa for dinner. Abotu 15 minutes later, we arrived.

Dad ordered the food and I ordered the Sea Coconut. The food was ordinary and my sea coconut was finally served at the end of the meal. To my disappointment, the sea coconut's GREAT taste has dropped to 30%!!

Disappointing Sea Coconut

At the end of the day, dad paid the expensive bill (RM 100++) and we went home. MM, mum, AC, J and E went in 1 car to Gardens for "yum cha". Dad, GM, M and I then went to 112.

We took some super glue from KK and finally glued my number plate back to normal. Then, M and I rode our bikes back home.

Once home, I quickly showered. When I came out, LC was already here. Few minutes later, AM and YM arrived. We had problems with CS so we played HL first. At about 10pm, YM went to bring SC here.

All of us didn't get to play together till about 11.30pm when LC's laptop finally finished updating. We then played till 12.17am. After that, AM complained she was tired so SC and YM went home too.

LC restarted his laptop and it UPDATED AGAIN!! So, after we settled our stuff at about 1am, we decided to go out for supper. I wanted to bring LC to Pelita but there was no parking. So, we went back to SNM as usual.

I ordered Roti Planta and Teh Tarik while LC ordered his food and drinks. We also ordered 2 bowls of papadum while chatting. We sat there talking till about more than 2am. Anyway, we paid the bill (I contributed RM 3.50) and went back.

Yummy Roti Planta

On the way home, we went to look for the burnt cars but only found one. Then, we came in and used the laptop while waiting for LC's laptop to finish updating. At about 2.40am, I sent LC out of the door and came up to blog.

It's already 3am as I type this. I don't feel tired at all but will go to sleep soon anyway. Night everyone...

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