Friday, December 12, 2008

Didn't Study,,,

Woke up at around 9am as usual. Used the laptop to facebook and stuff till about 1pm. Went down for vegetarian lunch that GM bought. After that, came up to watch Heroes and Hot Shot. Then, I used the laptop again.

Very sad to say that I didn't study today. Hopefully will do some revision tomorrow. Anyway, at 6.30pm, we went to 112. We met up with AM and then we rode uphill back to our house. After a "water break", we cycled 2 rounds around BSC. Then, we accompanied AM back to 112.

After that, we cycled back up to rest. Mum called J and asked J to go to 97 because J is only coming home at 8pm. I drove the Avanza while dad drove his Persona to this organic vegetarian restaurant in Old Klang Road called Ahimsa.

Dad ordered the food and I ordered a Sea Coconut as my drink. The food was average. The best thing I loved is the Sea Coconut. For RM 3.50, they gave a lot of Sea Coconut and it tasted great with ice and thick juice plus honey!'

The 5 dishes we ordered

The Best Sea Coconut

Dad left early because he had an appointment in Klang at 9pm. Mum realized she didn't have enough money so dad had to come back and give her some money to pay the bill. Luckily dad just left 5 minutes ago.

When we were done paying the RM 68 bill, I drove home. After showering, AM, YM and SC came. We then set up our LAN party and played CS. No HL today. At 11.30pm, we stopped. They went home and M went to sleep.

I was too lazy to blog so I just read TSQ's blog and went to sleep at 12.30am...

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