Thursday, December 11, 2008

Group Study As Usual

Woke up at around 9.40am and saw AC's sms. He said he just woke up and he is going to be late. I immediately replied him and said I just woke up too and I'm sorry. After washing up, I rushed to ENT3 with 2 packets of biscuits.

Reached ENT3 at about 10.15am and only ZS was there. I turned on the laptop and let ZS play some games. At 11am, AC arrived. He turned on his laptop and surfed the net too. AL arrived at about 11.20am. We then studied a little while we chatted till about 1pm.

We then decided to have lunch in KFC. AC and AL drove their cars. Once we arrived, I ordered a Toasted Twister Combo. Brought our food up to eat. The toasted twister was good as usual. The wedges were nice too.

The RM 9++ Bill

AC dropped us back in APIIT at about 2.30pm. Then, I drove home. The traffic was CONGESTED!! The road going into MV was jammed, the MV ring road was jammed, and the way OUT OF MV was JAMMED too. Total hours in the car was 50 plus minutes!!

Once home, I used the laptop till about 5pm. Then, M and I watched HotShot. After that, we had dinner and showered. We were waiting for AM's sms telling us to come down to 112 and play CS. At 8.30pm, I realised my phone was downstairs. So, I rushed down to check my sms.

She already sent me a sms at 8pm asking us to come over. I quickly told M to pack our stuff and went down to 112. We started playing Snark_Pit in Half Life but it was NOT NICE to play in that map with so many people.

So, we changed game and played CS in this map called CS_Estate. The map is a mansion with 3 hostages, 2 storeys, 1 basement, 1 underground passage. The best part was that you can ring the door bell and switch the lights off for both floors.

While playing, I was also installing Jedi Outcast on the VOSTRO. Towards the end of our session, AM killed many bots and improved a lot. At 12.05am, We ended the LAN session.

After that, YM spread 2 slices of bread with Salmon Spread for me. Since she wanted to finish the can, she gave me a THICK FAT layer of the spread. It was nice!

Gardenia Bread + Thick Salmon Spread

Came home and tested Jedi Outcast till 1am. Then, I used the laptop till 2am. I quickly took some water upstairs and went to bed...

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