Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bikes and Biking

Woke up at 8am today with a VERY ITCHY BODY!! My bum and my thigh was itchy and I could feel bumps. I finally woke up at 8.17am and went to shower. After a shower, I looked at my thigh again. There were still quite many red bumps on my thigh! It was really scary!

My Scary Leg

Used the laptop to blog till 10.30am. Then, I rode down to 112. 2 minutes later, SC arrived. He helped me knock my disc brake back into place. After about half an hour, my wheel could turn nicely.

After that, I called M to ask her the budget dad gave her. Then, I rode up to get my Avanza. Once home, I found out that dad took the Avanza and left the Persona for me. We then cleared dad's boot and went to pick SC.

SC directed me to Tat Seng (the bike shop in Taman Delima). After looking around, we found a Gary Fisher bike. According to SC, Gary Fisher bikes are VERY HARD to find in Malaysia. The price for it was RM 1850.

After more than half an hour of thinking, we went for lunch at a nearby chicken rice shop. We ordered chicken for 3 of us and herbal tea too. The food and drinks came quite fast. The chicken was ordinary but very reasonably price. The total bill was only RM 11 including drinks. SC paid.

Chicken for 3

When we were done, we walked back to the shop. After another 20 minutes, M decided to get the Gary Fisher but down-graded it to 24 gears (RM 1580) from 27 gears (RM 1850). So, we told the shop owner and he went to work on M's bike.

The 3 of us drove to a nearby petrol station so that SC could withdraw some cash. Then, we went back to the shop. We waited for about an hour before the guy got the bike done. I was kinda impatient because he kept leaving the bike to do some other stuff.

At 3.30pm, SC paid and we loaded the bike into the boot of my car. Then, we drove back to 112. I dropped them there while I drove home to get my bike. Mum and E just came home when I parked the car. I told them about M's bike.

Then, I drove the bike down to 112. We stucked some stickers to prevent some damage to our frames (because of the wires). While SC and M were busy at it, I went inside to have some dessert (tong sui).

Longan + Shuet Yi

After we were all done. M, SC and I rode back to my house because M wanted to change. After she changed, we rode to the petrol station to pump some air into our tires. Then, we came back and rested awhile.

About 10 minutes later, the 3 of us decided to conquer the HILL! We then rode all the way up to the Loft Apartments again and rode down to TMC. This time, the hike was not as tough as before. Is it the gear or have my stamina improved?

Had a REALLY FUN time riding down hill. This time, I rode on the pavements. It feels so good letting my bike bounce up and down the uneven bricks. When We reached 112, everyone kept asking us "why so fast?".

Then, after a short break, we rode back to my house. M was too tired so she went in. SC and I cycled to BSC. Once there, it started to drizzle. So, SC and I rode back to my house. I went in and SC cycled home.

Used the laptop to blog till 7pm. After all of us showered, mum drove us to Gardens. After we parked, we took the lift right up to the 3rd floor to the Food Garden for dinner. Dad met up with us there.

Food Garden is the new (1 week old) food court in Gardens. It has quite a huge variety of food too. They were also giving away member cards. Member card allows the holder to get 10% off food and drinks!

I ordered a Wok Omelet Fried Rice and a bowl of Ice Kacang. The fried rice was ordinary but quite worth it. The ice kacang was on promotion. We paid RM 2.10 (usual price rm 3.50) and it was served with a nice presentation. Tasted usual though...

Ice Kacang Promo - RM 2.10

Wok Omelet Fried Rice - RM 7 (before tax)

Food Garden Card

9 bills - Total RM 66.40

Then, we came home and I started blogging again. At about 10pm, SC and AM came. They talked with us for about an hour before they left. I came upstairs to quickly finish this post. I'll have to sleep early today because we're going to FRIM to cycle tomorrow. Bye...

**11.12pm, they called for a family meeting to decide where to put the bikes. At last, I came out with the best idea. Hang the bikes outside of the house, inside the grill section.**

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