Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ProCom Exam

Woke up at 6.30am and got ready for college. At 7am, Mum and I went to Starbucks in Telawi. We went there because the staff told her they were giving free coffee. Unfortunately, when we arrived, we saw the sign that says free coffee from 10am-12pm only...

Venti size Toffee Nut and Green Tea Fraps

"10th Anniversary Limited Edition Starbucks" Tumbler
(mum bought ANOTHER 6 later!)

Anyway, we still ordered 2 Venti drinks and bought 2 "10th Anniversary Limited Edition Starbucks" Tumblers. While drinking, I saw one baby cockroach walking around on the floor. Just as I snap a picture, ANOTHER one came out!

Now you see 1...

Next you see 2!!

At about 8.10am, we went home. I immediately needed to use the toilet for some business. After that, I drove to the LRT station to pick KW. Waited for KW till 9.10am before he arrived. Then, we went to HOL and met up with AC, AL, ZS and DY.

I didn't order anything and while the rest ate their breakfast. We discussed some procom too. At 10am, we went in the hall for our exam. I came out half an hour early and waited for them. The exam was easier than expected. Hopefully can get an A.

After that, KW, AL and I went for lunch at Good Tea. MY and her elder sister joined us too. I tried a "what kai sah hor fun" from the new stall. I also ordered Iced White Kopi but MY's sister went and paid for all of us. Said thanks to her.

Smooth Chicken Sand Flat Rice Noodles

My food arrived and I paid RM 5. The soup was nice but the chicken was full of bones and the noodles were too plain. Then, we went to the fruit stall but I didn't buy anything. Then, we went our own ways.

I dropped KW home before going back myself. At home, M and I watched the last episode of Heroes and the second last and last episode of Hot Shot. Watching all these shows occupied about 3 hours of my time...

Then, I decided to start studying. I opened my slides and wrote down the important stuff. At 7.30pm, we had dinner. I came back up and continued my revision till 10pm. Then, I went down for some pastry and watched some "music and lyrics".

Came back up and studied till 1am. Then, I chatted with AC till about 1.30am. Didn't blog because I'll only sleep at 3am if I did so. Went to bed at 1.40am...

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