Sunday, December 21, 2008

LF Cruise Trip Day 1

Woke up at 6.30am and went to wash up and shower. After I got dressed, I started packing my clothes. Used the laptop while the others started to wake up and wash up. By 8am, SGG and family arrived.

At 8.30am, all our stuff were packed into the car. Just as we wanted to leave, KK and AP arrived. We split into 3 cars and all of us drove to Port Klang with dad leading. We arrived at about 9.40am and went to the stalls next to the Star Cruise building for some breakfast & tea.

SS and family was already there. All of us occupied 2 long tables and started talking while some ate and went to the washroom. At around 10.20am, all of us went to the car to get our luggage. Then, we walked to the Star Cruise Building.

All of us waited inside the building with our luggage for about half an hour while SS and dad lined up to check us all in. While waiting, the Royal Caribbean docked at Port Klang and I think I saw Mr Mohan and Mr Warren.

All of us waiting patiently

When SS and dad were done with the check in, we lined up to go pass the customs. They didn't organise the que properly so many other passengers kept jumping the que. Anyway, at 11.20am, all of us passed the customs.

StarCruises: SuperStar Libra

SS Libra - Side View

SS Libra - Rear View

We took a group photo before walking to the ship. Then, we made our way with all our luggage to the SuperStar Libra. Each of us had to swipe our Access Card for them to keep track of the passengers on board.

Once on the ship, there were a group of singers welcoming us. After getting our rooms, dad gave a short briefing before we went to the second floor to leave our bags. When we were done, we went to the Ocean Palace (Chinese restaurant).

Crew & Band that welcomed us

Our cabin

My Bed

My view

They were full and they asked us to go up to the 9th deck for a special-one-day-only Barbecue Buffet. So, we took the lift up to deck 9. We were immediately disappointed because the pool's colour was yellowish and it was so stuffy!!

We took our food and ate at the bar table. I took some prawns, beef, chicken and sausage. It was quite good. After that, I went to get another serving of food.I took some fish cutlets, lasagna and also some potato. The food were all good.

My Barbecue Lunch

Some Lasagna, Potatoes and Fish Cutlets

Then, dad asked everyone to assemble in "Mariners" (international buffet). We occupied the 2 tables and gathered around there. The cruise started to move so we went outside to have a look. We then explored the ship.

Looking back at Port Klang from Back of Ship

Right side of Deck 10

Kids Pool

The cruise started moving

Looking down to Deck 9. Jacuzzi in the middle

Front of area of ship. Coconut Willy's bar

Looking to the back of the ship

Looking out from Deck 10 to the sea

Spying down at Deck 6 and the emergency boats

Next, we went to our rooms to settle our luggage and sleeping places. After changing to shorts and and slippers, LC, SS and I went to "Galaxy of Stars" to watch the Bingo game. The crew there were quite funny and each number they called were accompanied by little jokes.

Another crew with Lucy hosting the Bingo game

The game ended at about 2.30pm. Then, everyone started to que up to reserve tables for the Gala Dinner on Wednesday. SS and SS went to line up while dad came to talk to LC and I. When we were all done, we went upstairs for Afternoon Tea (3-4pm).

I took some sweet buns, cookies, sandwiches and cake. The food wasn't that great but still okay. At 3.30pm, a mini-carnival was held on deck 9. It started with some performances and fashion shows.

Tea time!!

Then, they invited some guests to challenge the crew members to play some games. After that, about 4 to 5 mini stalls of carnival games we opened. Ring toss, ball toss and some other games that I forgot.

Mini Carnival Games

While the kids were playing, LC and I explored the top deck of the ship (deck 10) while taking pictures. There were also some Napkin Folding and Fruit Carving exhibition going on. The crew there folded napkins into cute animals and the chef carved some cute objects out of the fruits too.

Napkin Folding

Fruit Sculptures

When all of this was over (5pm), few of us went down to explore deck 6. Then, we explored the ship till 6pm before going back to our rooms. We then showered and rested for awhile. At 7pm, we went up to deck 10 to watch the sunset.

Looking back at the sea from Deck 6

Walking to the Front of SSL

I see the sea!

Front of the SSL

Watching the Sunset from SSL

After that, we went to make reservations for dinner at Four Seasons (western restaurant). We managed to persuade them to let us come at 8.50pm which is right after the show ended. Then, we went to Stardust at deck 5.

Tonight's show was called Twice as Nice. The singers were Shelly and Wesley from Las Vegas. Wesley got a Grammy for "You Make Me Feel Brand New" and they have been working for StarCruise for 2 years. The performance was good and Wesley could REALLY play the piano.

We all rushed down for dinner right after the show ended. We were then seated and given a menu. We were asked to choose a appetizer, soup, main course and dessert each. I ordered Mixed Salad, Minestrone Soup, Carbonara and Tiramisu. They also served bread and buns.

Bun and Butter

I chose the Mixed Salad...

...instead of Antipasto

Minestrone Soup

Spaghetti Carbonara


The food were all GOOD. The carbonara was less cream and much more cheese. It was definitely nicer than all the Carbonaras in Malaysia. I didn't like the tiramisu but C said it was the "original" tiramisu with coffee powder on top.

During this dinner, I also learnt how to use the utensils. C said we were supposed to use the utensils from outside till in. The fork and knife for appetizer, spoon for soup and finally the bigger fork and knife for main course. My fork was replaced with a spoon because I was having pasta.

Butter Knife and Bread Plate

C also told me the reason they didn't clear the bread plate until the Main Course was cleared because some people might want to have bread with their soup. Another reason was because we are supposed to put the unwanted stuff like bones onto the bread plate.

After dessert, we drank some coffee. The coffee here is the best compared to the one in deck 9. We left the restaurant at 10.20pm. We then took some pictures outside the restaurant. Then, we went to deck 10.

Nice cuppa Coffee

The wind was EXTREMELY strong and we spent about more than an hour there having fun. The wind could even keep you from falling when you stand 70 degrees slanting. We even brought the daring PP to experience the wind.


C and the wind

The wind VS my jacket

It was 11.30pm and we laid on the deck chairs on deck 9 while the wind blew on us. We then saw a crew that went to close deck 10 due to heavy weather. At 12am, we went to Mariners for supper.

C nearly got blown away!!

I took some Porridge and Green Bean Soup. The food was quite good. After some relaxing and chats, SS and PP brought LC, C and I to the casino at deck 5. We wanted to experience it because the legal age here was 18 while the one in genting was 21.

Porridge with Fried Onions and Chicken Floss

Green Bean Soup

PP changed SGD 100 into slot machine coins. We then helped her play the slots. I didn't really know how to play. Suddenly, I won 1510 credits. I quickly cash out and took the chips. Then, I went over to LC and helped get another 1000 credits.

We cashed out and told them we don't want to play anymore. With all the coins, we went to change them back into cash. We got a total of 194!! PP wanted to give us the money but we rejected it. So, she gave LC, C and I SGD 10 each and SGD 2 each for SS and SS.

LC and I walked around the casino to look here and there. Then, all of us went back to our rooms at nearly 1am. Didn't go online or blog because the Internet costs SGD 0.33 per MINUTE!! Went to bed at about 1.10am.


  1. You're right, I was on the Royal Caribbean. A month ago, I was on the SS Libra too. See, I'm a born-again Cruisian.

  2. That's cool. Not many people can afford it though...


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