Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Karaoke and TV

Woke up at 8.15am today. Used the laptop till 9.50am and then went to shower and wash up. At 10.15am, I drove M and her friend to tuition. Right after that, I drove to Gardens.

I arrived at 10.37am and just as I parked my car, AL called me. I told him I parked in P1 B37 and he said he is in B36 with AC and ZS. So, I went to look for him. After we met, we took the lift right up to the fourth floor.

Once we came out of the lift, RedBox was on our left. AC went to register showed them our student ID. We went to the washroom and waited in the lounge till 11am. While waiting, they served each of us some kind of honey drink that was red colour.

Red Honey Drink - RM 0

At 11am, we were brought in to our rooms. AC started warming up while we decided what to eat. Finally, I ordered the Sizzling Mee and Milk Tea. We sang till the food arrived. We took turns to eat and sing.

Sizzling Mee - My lunch

Milk Tea - Yummy and Sweet

My sizzling noodles were nice. They had minced meat and the noodles were tasty. I also liked my milk tea because it was kinda sweet and still had the milk tea taste. So, I officially prefer Redbox Gardens than Redbox Sunway.

We paid the bill (RM 11 each) and continued singing till 2.10am. This was my second time going for Karaoke and I sang alot more compared to my first time. I like it when we take turns to sing one sentence by one sentence. It is even funnier when "some people" sing off key.

After that, we exited MV and drove to my house. Then, we hopped into AC's car and we went to BV. We found a parking once we arrived. We then walked to Chocolate and ordered the Chocolate Affair.

The picture of the fondue from the menu was labelled "26". But when we referred to the list, "26" was the Chocolate Waffles and it only costs RM 14+. When we pointed it out to the waiter, he didn't even give us anything extra. Anyway, we ordered the Chocolate Affair and paid.

ZS, AC and I went to get some water from the dispenser. When we pressed on the water button, some ROBOT MUSIC that started playing! ZS then begin to do some robot dance! Haha. We went back to our seat and chatted till our fondue came.

AL dipping his Marshmallow into Chocolate

About 20 minutes later, the fondue arrived. We started eating it and all of them said the chocolate was nice. I was kinda happy that they liked it too. After we were done, AC bought some Auntie Anne's and ZS bought some Cinnabon.

We then walked around BV and BVII. At 3.40pm, AC brought us back to my house. All of them went back and I came upstairs. Used the laptop for about half an hour before M and I watched Heroes in my room.

After that, we watched episode 3 of Hot Shot. An hour and 10 minutes later, she went out and I watched MIT. After 10 minutes, I dozed off. When I woke up, the show was already running for 5 minutes. I turned it off and went to sleep.

Woke up at 7.30pm and went right down for dinner. After that, I came up and started to blog. Was supposed the go to BSC and play badminton with AP and KK but then I changed my mind and decided to stay home.

After using the laptop till 10.30pm, I went downstairs to watch TV. There was this movie called "House Sitter" showing on 8TV and I watched it. It was kinda of a freaky killer show with very little suspense and scariness.

After that was the 8TV Quickie. Mum tried to call in just to talk to Belinda. Of course, she didn't get through. After that, we watched "Love you to death" till 1am. After realising how early it was, I came up and finished this post. Night...

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