Friday, December 5, 2008

Food & Fun

Woke up at about 9am and had ice cream for breakfast. Came upstairs and used the laptop and played Pet Society till 1.40pm. Mum came back and brought us to BabaLow for lunch.

I ordered Mee Siam and also shared the "pai tee", "taufu sumbat" and "teriyaki wings" with everyone. Everything tasted the same. The new taufu sumbat wasn't that great because it was just plain taufu stuffed with cucumber and other things.

Mee Siam - RM 4

Taufu Sumbat - RM 2

Bill - RM 31.60

We came home at about 3pm. Watched 2 episodes of Hot Shot till it was 6.30pm. M and I then cycled down to 112. After we met AM, we cycled around the park. After 1 round, we saw AO.

AM stopped because she was too tired so AO came to talk to her. Since she needed a rest, I asked her to go to my house. AO caught up with me and asked me where I was cycling to. He also said I had a nice bike. I thanked him and rode away.

I rode on and looked for M. I told her about AO and about him following me. We then cycled around the housing area, passing through allies, and finally reached our house. Then, we cycled with AM back to 112.

KK and AP were having dinner. When they saw me, AP asked if I wanted "Fan Shu Tong Sui". Then, KK asked if I wanted to try "Fan Shu Tong Sui SPECIAL"! To give it a try, I agreed.

"Fan Shu Tong Sui" + MILK + BANANA

Bananas the size of my thumb

He the took a bowl of "Fan Shu Tong Sui" for me and added MILK and BANANA!! It tasted nice and good with milk but the banana didn't go with the potato. M didn't like it but KK loved it.

After we waited for about half an hour for the food to slightly digest, we rode back home. It was 8pm so we quickly ate our dinner and showered. After that, we drove down again for a LAN Party.

C came down from BU to join us at 9pm. We played Half Life till YM came home and showered. After that, we played CS till 12.30am. It was a different game today because we played against "normal" bots.

After we went out of 112, C said he wanted to have McFlurry from McD. So, we drove to McD. I ordered a Large Fries and 2 Apple Pies. C ordered McFlurry. We finished the Fries while C ate his McFlurry.

He said the McFlurry wasn't nice because it didn't have the COLD feeling. Probably something wrong with the machine here. Our apple pie didn't arrive so before we went home, we went to the counter to collect the apple pies.

C went home and so did we. Once home, we finished our pies before going upstairs. I used the laptop for awhile but didn't bother to blog because it was about 2am. Went to bed and slept about 2.10am...

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