Saturday, December 13, 2008

3rd Time is a Charm!

Woke up by M at 6.30pm. I quickly washed up and got ready. Saw mum and dad sleeping but wasn't sure if they were late or not. Suddenly, they realized they were late and quickly woke up.

I then packed our stuff and the rack. M rode my bike down and I drove to 112. Once we reached, AM opened the door for us and told us that SC overslept. So, we waited about 5 minutes before he came out.

SC decided to drive his car too so I dismantled my bike and left it in my boot like M. Since we didn't need the rack, I left it in 112. AM gave us some biscuit for breakfast while we dismantle our bikes. Then, we started our cars.

SC took another 5 to 10 minutes in the house. I was beginning to wonder what happened. He then came up to me and told us that he lost his wallet. Anyway, we decided to go on with our plan. So, he led the way to FRIM while I tailed him.

We reached there at about 7.50am. We reassembled our bikes and got ready to start our trip. We then gathered in the parking lot in front of the temple. SC then introduced his other friends to us.

We cycled in many off road trails today. M and I stopped in the middle of the rover's trail because we were too tired. After that, we continued our journey for about 1 hour without taking breaks (excluding short stops after almost falling).

Before we ended the trip, we rode to the entrance of the steroid trail. M and I didn't go because SC said it'll be too tough for us. M and I then waited for them to complete the trail. After that, CK and KO went for another round of Steroid.

When they came back, CK showed us his wound. He endowed on the way down! Ouch! We then rode on back to the tar road. Before that, we took another trail that led to the road out. During the ride down, I fell.

My wound!

According to SC, my front wheel slipped because I didn't balance my legs and put my weight to the back. Anyway, I got 2 parallel cuts which aren't that serious. Rode on out of FRIM and went to a Mamak Shop opposite the temple.

We ordered 100Plus and ate some Roti Canai. SC paid for it. Washed my wound there too. After that, we packed our bikes into the car and drove home. Before going in the house, we cleaned our bikes with water. After that, i went to shower and went to bed.

My wound after washing

My wound after a shower

Woke up at about 3pm and used the laptop. Helped AC with some QM and then started facebooking. At about 3.30pm, we drove to 112 and picked SC up. In the car, SC told me that P also got wounded because he fell in the Autumn Trail.

We arrived at the parking lot beside KLCC (convention centre) at exactly 3.58pm. We walked around for more than 2 hours but ended up buying NOTHING! At 6.20pm, we left. We were then told that C and K are having dinner with us. So after some arrangements, we went to BU to pick them up.

We waited about half an hour before they were ready. Meanwhile, I called PizzaHut to place our order. C decided to join us too so we drove 2 cars to my house. Dropped SC at 112 before reaching home. Once home, the pizza arrived.

Large Hawaiian, Large Beef Pepperoni, Regular Thai-Morrocan, Garlic Bread and 2 cans of Pepsi

Went inside to get some money to pay the delivery guy. We then brought the 2 large and 1 regular pizza inside. Moments later, SC and AM arrived. We ate the pizzas while watching Battleground 2 on WLT.

At 9pm, the 8 of us (AM, SC, C, C, M, K, J and I) walked to BSC to play badminton. We separated into 4 groups (2 players each) and AM teamed up with me. After 2 games, we got 2nd place!! I wanted to win the 1st but was unlucky.

While the others were playing, I also practiced with AM and C. I was tired after our game ended at 10pm. The girls went home to shower. SC and AM went back to 112 too. C wanted to cycle so he borrowed M's bike and I took mine.

We cycled 2 rounds around BSC then decided to cycle downhill. Then, C suggested we go up to take some money and come down to buy some Iced Milo. I agreed so we rode up to get some money. Then, we rode to SNM and I went to order 2 Iced Milo.

After we finished our drinks, we rode to 112 to check on SC. He then told us come down later when we were done. With the rest of our strength, we cycled back to my house. We rested awhile before showering. When we were done, we drove down to 112.

It was already 11.30pm when we reached there. We played CS till about 12.20am. Then, AM made us some noodles for supper. Then, we continued our game till 1.30am. We waited till 1.45am before the VAIO finished installing it's updates.

My Noodles. Didn't eat this because exchanged with C

Our Noodles!

We then went home. It was really late so I decided to leave my blog for the next day. Went to sleep...

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