Monday, December 22, 2008

LF Cruise Trip Day 2

Woke up at about 6.30am by M's morning call. Brushed my teeth and shower. Then, I woke LC up. While he got ready, I transferred my pictures into the laptop. Then, we went to deck 10 for sunrise at 7am. Most of us were there.

The Beautiful Sunrise

After the sunrise, we went for breakfast at Ocean Palace (Chinese). Dad wanted to make reservations for the bunch of us but the receptionist said there was seats available so we don't have to make reservations.

Upset, we went back to our rooms to get ready and wake everyone else up. Then, we went for the buffet in Ocean Palace at 8.30am. I took some porridge, scrambled eggs, ham, fried rice, dragon balls, pau and fruits. The food wasn't that nice.

Porridge with Fried Onions

Some scrambled eggs, ham, fried rice and dragon balls

Chicken Pau

A variety of Yellow and Orange fruits

We went back to our rooms at about 9am. Then, we went back to the 9th deck at 10am. We saw the small boat pulling a platform to the cruise. After some walking, LC and I went back to our room to watch some TV.

Front of Deck 6 again

Boat with the platform

Attaching the platform to SSL

At 12pm, all of us were waiting in deck 9 for Mariners to open. It was the only restaurant open for lunch so EVERYONE was there. Once it opened its doors, many were already inside. I then decided to take the dessert first since it was the shortest line.

Ais Kacang (shaved ice with mixed beans)

After I came out, I never went back in. Other members of our family went to take bulks of food for us. I took some noodles and lamb from them. There were also some Indian bread and some cakes too. The lamb wasn't that nice and the other food was okay.

Noodles with Soup

Indian Bread

C found some uncooked parts in the bread she took

Yummy Lamb

Not-so-yummy Lamb

Some cakes for dessert

When we finished our lunch, we went to Galaxy Of Stars to collect our passports with our access cards. After that, we went to deck 1 and lined up to take the boat to Patong Beach. All of us went to the open area on the second floor of the small boat.

Another boat docking at SSL

View of SS Libra from the small boat

Looking at Patong Beach from the boat

Patong Beach

Docked at the Jetty

We took some group pictures on the way there. The 10 minute boat ride was quite fun. When we reached the jetty, we walked all the way to shore. Immediately, we were hassled by groups of van drivers that tried to convince us to go with them.

In the end, we split into 2 groups. One that wanted to stay at the beach and shop, another that chartered a van and went to Phuket Town. My family and DGG's family plus KK, AP and LC went to town.

It was my biggest regret because the lady brought us to the city but kept asking us if we wanted to stop and go here and there. She brought us to the Cashew Nut Factory before reaching the city.

Cashew Nut Tree

Cashew Nut Sculpture

When we reached the city, we asked her to wait for us while we shopped. We went into Robinson's and everything was so expensive. We decided to come out and shopped at the road-side stalls.

The back of the Van

We went around looking at stuff for half an hour without buying it. Then, we walked to McD and bought some food. We ordered Cheesy Fries and McFlurries. The cheesy fries was quite nice and the McFlurry was too small.

McD's Vanilla Ice Cream

Cheesey Fries

Mini Mcflurry

Then, we went looking for the rest of them because we wanted to go back early. After 20 minutes, we went back in the van. The lady asked us to go down to a jewellery shop for 5 minutes so she can get some commission.

Being kind, we agreed. We went down to have a quick look. But before we wanted to leave, a senior staff indirectly chased us out by saying "thank you, thank you, thank you". She even closed the door on my leg!!

Anyway, we went back to the van. The traffic was heavy because the schools were just over. I fell asleep in the van and only woke up few minutes before we reached. The van arrived at 6.10pm.

The jetty was FULL! We then used the time to take some pictures and enjoy the beach. At 7.10pm, we finally went on the little boat. We back on board the cruise at 7.30pm. We quickly made reservations for Ocean Palace and then rushed to wash the Crew Show at 7.45pm.

I buried C's leg in the sand

Looking back at Patong Beach for the last time

The head of SSL

The crew getting ready to help passengers on their way out

There were some singing and performances. The finale was their own version of Simon Cabaret (famous she-male show in Thailand). The guy even took an orange out from his bra to offer it to the audience!

Macho Macho Men!!

Simon Cabaret Girls!!

After the show, we went down to deck 4 to eat our dinner. SS, LC and I were seated in 1 table. We waited for our food to come as we didn't need to order anything. After our food came a lady came and told us they were closing the kitchen and asked if we wanted anything extra.


Fried rice, Beancurd and Soup

Vege and Ribs


SS ordered extra ribs and appetizers. We ate the food which wasn't really as nice as it should be. The service was also quite bad. So, we made a decision to never enter the place anymore.

After dinner, we went walking around the ship. Then, we went to our rooms to shower. After that, we went up to deck 9 to look for PP. When we found her, we went to the casino together. She changed another SGD 100 for us to play.

This time, we only got back 57. I was feeling kinda bad because I lost someone else's money. Luckily, PP took another SGD 50 and doubled the money while playing cards. The conclusion of the day was that we earned SGD7.

Next, we went back to deck 9 to have some supper at Mariners. After that, LC and I followed dad to deck 6. We went to the front of the ship and looked at the stars. It was BEAUTIFUL! We spend about 20 minutes looking at it.

Nice fried stuff for supper

Pieces of Watermelon

After that, we finally decided to go back. I changed, brushed my teeth and went to bed just a few minutes before 12am...

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