Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finally Studying

Woke up at around 8.20am. SS and SS were already awake and doing their stuff. I turned on the router and started blogging. SS was preparing some ingredients for lunch and she called me to look at the snail she found in the packet of organic vege.

By the time I went equipped with my camera, she told me she already put the snail in the backyard. So, K opened the backyard door and we went to look at it. After taking 2 pictures, I went back to blogging.

Mr Snail

Oops, wrong way!

At about 10am, M woke up. SS bought some curry puffs from IKEA. I ate one and ate some biscuits too. After that, I went upstairs to wash up, shower and change. Then, I went downstairs to study for the first time in the 2 weeks.

Curry Puff from IKEA

I revised the 7 important chapters of ProCom for about more than an hour. Took a break to watch Bleach and also chat with AC. Then, we went to the kitchen for our self-service noodle lunch.

SS prepared the meat, onion oil, fried onions and C cooked the noodles. There were also soy sauce, oyster sauce, vege, onion oil all on the table. We chose our own stuff and mixed it into our lunch. I had 2 servings and it was quite good.

The Ingredients and Plates

Before Mixing

My Very Own Plate of Noodles!!

Then, I continued studying till about 2.30pm. Played Half Life with C for about an hour or so. I killed him many times and he got bored and decided to quit the game. After that, M and I watched 2 episodes of Hot Shot.

When it ended, it was already 6.10pm. Since SS already cooked, we waited for dinner to be ready, Then, we ate our dinner together. We also ate some ham sandwich. Right after that, we drove home because dad needed the laptop.

The traffic got heavy and slow after I passed the Eastin Hotel. The jam only ended after BSC. Once home, I gave dad the laptop and he brought it over to the neighbours house. I sat downstairs watching 1 hour of teen titans.

Then, I came up and used the VAIO. Using it was HELL because it was even SLOWER than a BABY SNAIL! Felt like smashing it into pieces, hehe. Started uploading pictures til about 10pm. Next, I wrote today's post. It's 11.59pm now. Bye...

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