Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last Sunday of The Year

Woke up at about 10.40am and went to wash up. Then, I went downstairs to get some breakfast. Had a chicken floss bun and Portuguese egg tart as breakfast. After that, I turned on the TV and watched Channel 809 (AXN Beyond) while I lube my bike.

Even after I was done with my bike, I still stayed downstairs watching TV. This was because they were showing a Lost marathon. The story was really interesting and I was a bit reluctant to turn it off when we went for lunch.

MM came over at 12.30pm and we went for lunch. Dad drove to Quan's with all of us in the Avanza. This time, I ordered an Ice Lemon Tea (small) and a French Toast Special with Tuna Ham for my lunch.

Ice Lemon Tea

French Toast Special

Although it may seem too little, I was quite full after that. Dad paid the RM 58 bill and we then drove to SPCA to pick AC and his friends up. Then, 10 of us squeezed in the Avanza while dad went to 2 banks to run his errands.

We then dropped one of AC's friend off before going home. It was about 3.30pm when we reached home. I then watched Lost. All of us wanted to watch a movie. Since dad had 2 free movie passes, we decided to go to cineleisure at 4pm.

We waited for MM and AC to come but we waited till 4.11pm and decided to drive to their house and wait for them. Once they hopped in, we drove to Cineleisure.

After we arrived, we went up to the cinema and bought 2 tickets for Australia (5.30pm for MM and mum). It was RM 6 per ticket because dad used his Citibank Clear card. Then, we used the 2 free passes to get 2 couple seats for Yes Man (7.30pm). Dad used his OCBC platinum to buy 2 couple seats and got another 2 free for Yes Man.

The total was RM 34. With our tickets, we went down to Midori and got 2 Kakigori (retail price RM 9.90) for free! This is because you get a Kakigori for every 4 tickets u purchase. We ordered a Mango & Milk Kakigori and a Chocolate & Milk Kakigori.

Kakigori Menu

Mango & Milk Kakigori

MM and mum left early to go into the cinema for their 3-hour show. The rest of us then went home to shower. On the way, dad called Nam Chuan and ordered 2 packets of noodles. We then went to collect the noodles before reaching home.

Once home, I went to shower. After I came out, I took some noodles and ate them while watching TV. After watching Suite Life on Deck and eating 3 bowls of noodles, all of us went back into the car and drove to Cineleisure.

2 types of Noodles for dinner

We arrived 5 minutes early at the cineplex and went to the washroom. After that, we went inside the cinema hall. I sat with M throughout the movie. The show lasted about an hour plus.

It was a VERY FUNNY movie and it also comes with some teachings telling us we should try new things but also we should only say "YES" if we really want to.

After the movie, we went to Lecka Lecka and bought some ice cream. M, J, E and I shared a scoop of After Eight while AC ate a scoop of Oreo. Then, went to look for MM and mum who were downstairs eating at Ah Cheng Laksa.

Lecka Lecka Ice Cream

When they were done, we went to the information counter to get some freebies (redeemed with our receipts). The receptionist was so generous she gave us so MANY stuff!! I was surprised she could even give us so many goodies!

On the way out of the parking, it was kinda jammed. I fell asleep and woke up when we arrived home. It was close to 11pm then. I came up and started checking on my dashboard to see if there is any new article to read.

I ended up reading Mr Jonathan's blog till 11.30pm. I then started to blog till now. It's 12.33am already and I'm going to sleep soon. Bye...

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