Monday, December 15, 2008


Woke up at 7.45am today and waited for the alarm to ring at 8am before getting up from bed. Then, I quickly showered and got ready. Left the house at 8.30am and reached the LRT at 8.50am. Waited for 10 minutes before KW arrived.

Then, I drove to BBJ and parked outside HOL Coffee Shop. Then, we met AC and went in together. I ordered an Iced White Kopi and Fish Ball Soup. While eating, we revised and reconfirmed some stuff.

DY joined us at 9.30am. At 9.40am, we paid and left the place. Reached the exam hall and it was PACKED with people. At 10am, we were asked to go in. Before that, I kept telling AL and everyone to think it is EASY!

Once I opened the paper, it wasn't really that tough. I finished the paper in 100minutes and I'm quite confident in getting above 80. At 12pm, we came out of the hall. AL, AC and I drove our cars back to ENT3 to park.

Then, AL, KW and I hopped into AC's car and we drove to MY's house. After picking MY up, we drove to Sun Ming Restaurant for lunch. This place is famous for duck so I ordered duck and char siew. I also ordered Chinese tea.

RM 1.50 Mak Nga Tong

While waiting for the food to come, AC and I bought "Mak Nga Tong" from a lady that came into the shop and sold it. It was RM 1.50 each. My duck and char siew arrived soon. I paid RM 7.50 ( RM 1 for rice, RM 6 for the meat and RM 0.50 for the tea.

Char Siew + Duck (RM 6)

My Meal (RM 7.50)

The duck was nice because this duck didn't have the usual rough texture. Char Siew was quite nice too. After that, I ate the candy I bought. Everyone was looking at me unwrap it. They even laughed at me because I was struggling to put it back on the stick.

After awhile, I "mastered" the candy and managed to "control" it. We dropped MY back home and then went to ENT3. AC parked his car in a Reserved Parking and we went upstairs to study.

We memorized some important stuff together. AC smsed Mr Jonathan about the Exam Format but he didn't reply. While waiting, we watched the ending of Armageddon. Still, he didn't reply so we decided to go home.

Before that, we went to the toilet. Once we reached the ground floor, AC saw his car got CLAMPED! So, he quickly went there. Apparently, a guy from Lotus complained to TPM so they had to clamp.

Don't Park Here

While AC was settling the bill, the guy came out and asked us to back off. AC was upset and so were we. That idiot even accused AC of scratching his car LAST FRIDAY. How could that be possible when we DON'T HAVE CLASS on Friday?

We got annoyed and we asked AC not to pay so that the guy can't park at his spot. Anyway, AC paid. I then dropped KW off before going home. Traffic was smooth today.

Once home, all the computers were occupied. Mum decided to go Chocolate and I tagged along. J and E went too. We walked to Chocolate and ordered a Chocolate Affair. I also ordered a Mississippi Chocolate Cake to try.

Mississippi Chocolate Cake (RM 14.90)

While mum ordered, E and I went to take some water from the musical water dispenser! Soon, my Mississippi Chocolate Cake arrived. It was the worst chocolate cake I ever tasted because it was dry and tasteless. The only consolation was the chocolate strawberries.

Chocolate Affair (RM 25.90)

The Fondue came after that. Fondue was good as usual. This time, we even finished all the fruits with quite a lot of chocolate to spare. So, E and I finished the rest of the chocolate. Mum shared some ginger tea with me too.

Ginger Tea (love the effect I accidentally did - the 3 blobs of light in tea)

After that, we went to Auntie Anne's. I was thinking of what to buy when I saw a green pretzel. The guy told me it was seaweed and I decided to try it. Mum drove home after paying the parking ticket.

Seaweed Pretzel (RM 3.20)

Lovely Wrapper!

At home, I played Pet Society till about 7pm. Then, I drove the kids and GM to Nam Chuan to have dinner with DGG and family. Dad joined us when we was about to finish. DGJ paid for it and we left after saying thanks.

I came upstairs to use the laptop but it was doing a virus scan. EVERYTHING was slow so I ended up chatting with M and E while planning for tomorrow's K-Lunch. We kept measuring E because she was 123cm and kids below 120cm was free!

Then, we called C to get the card number and stuff to make a RBO account for her. I then realized we haven't asked our parents if we could go. E called mum and mum said E could go ONLY if mum went.

We then decided to ask dad when he came back. To my surprise, dad said she can't go unless an adult went. I was upset and everyone knew that E was upset too. I just don't understand why a 20 year old girl and a 18 year old guy with 3 other 12 and above kids can't be trusted with an 8 year old baby...

Anyway, M brought in the CD player and played CD by CD while we had a mini K session. When I finally decided to book a room for 5, they system said that we could only book 2 days before. So, we just have to call them tomorrow...

We sang till 12.10am before dad came in and "told" J and E to go to bed. M went back later too. I then blogged till now, which is 1am. Gotta get some rest before I SING tomorrow. Bye...

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