Monday, December 8, 2008

20 Hours of Rain

Woke up at 6.39am by M. She told me SC smsed and said it was raining and the trip is OFF! I looked at the rain and replied SC saying that it was just drizzling and it would stop anytime soon.

We packed, got ready, and ate some biscuits. We reached 112 at 7.15am. Then, after we packed the bikes and settled the stuff, we drove both cars to FRIM. YM followed my car because her friends would be picking her up from FRIM to go on a day trip.

We reached FRIM at almost 8.10am and it was STILL DRIZZLING. We assembled some of the bikes and got ready for our ride. YM's friend picked her up before we went inside. Then, SC paid RM 4 for the 4 of us to go inside.

The four of us rode on to meet C and his dad. Then, we rode for about an hour and 30 minutes in FRIM. We went through quite a few trails (mostly tarmac except the Autumn trail). Climbing uphill was still a challenge but it was VERY much easier now.

It was still drizzling and the floor was wet. We came across quite a number of downhill slopes. Whenever I go downhill, I like to ride down till the very end and enjoy the breeze, braking only if really necessary.

Well, riding with speed in the rain has it's price, and I paid it willingly. No, I didn't fall down and scratch and hurt myself. The price was getting WATER brought up by the front wheel and SPLASHED ALL OVER my FACE! It was still fun...

After we were done cycling, we said bye to C and his dad. We then cycled to the nearby Mamak Shop. Unfortunately, it was closed. So, had to go to our car, pack the bikes, and go home. WE reached home about 9.50am.

At 10.20am, all of us were done showering and was ready for brunch. M and I drove down to 112 and picked up AP, KK, AM and SC. SC directed me to Old Town White Coffee in Bangsar South. This outlet was HUGE! It is 2-storey high and the place was REALLY BIG! The atmosphere was nice and quiet.

Homemade Minced Meat Rice + Ice Lemon Tea

I ordered the Homemade Minced Meat Set (RM 8.30 before tax) while the others ordered their own food. Our orders arrived quite quickly. The set was good and worth it. SC paid for everyone. When we finished our food, it was only 11am. I drove us back to 112.

After dropping them home, M and I came back home too. Few minutes later, AM and SC came with their laptops. We played Half Life and CS together for about 2 hours. Then, we went back to 112 to have some Mango Juice and Egg Sandwich.

Egg Sandwich made by AM

When we were done eating our lunch/tea, the four of us went into SC's car and he drove us to Tat Seng Bike Shop again. This time, he bought a comfortable Selle seat (RM 50) for AM. I also bought a bicycle wall hook for RM 30.

When we reached home, it was already about 5pm. AM turned on Fight Back To School and we watched it. Fell asleep in the couch for about half an hour. After I woke up, we continued watching till about 7pm. It finally stopped raining!

Then, I drove home. We saw AO near our house so we took a detour to avoid him from knowing where we stay. SC rode my bike up and then rode AM's bike back down. At home, we discussed where we wanted to eat.

Finally, we went to Chili's at BSC. The new BSC was brighter and fresh. But, I kinda feel that this concept of huge empty spaces is not going to work. Anyway, we sat down at Chili's to wait for our turn.

I then saw this week's Malaysian Today. They were talking about last week's event that we attended! I quickly scanned through to look for AL, AC, ZS and DY's photo. I finally found them in a small little box on page 21.

Road'eez Page 21

They're at the bottom left box

After a while, we were given a table. For some reason, today was the WORST day we had in Chili's. Maybe the service in this outlet has gone bad. This is all because of ONE reason, LAZY STAFF!

Firstly, our tables had only 6 forks WITHOUT and knives. Second, someone's comment card dated 7/12/08 was not collected at all. Third, the kid's entertainment paper they gave E had already been drawn on.

Try eating with JUST forks!

Stranger's Comment Card

Some stranger already drew on this

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, we had to call them MULTIPLE TIMES before they attend to us!! They were either blind and deaf OR just IGNORING US because they are simply too lazy!!

I ordered Triple Play for the second time. The first was on 3rd of May. I loved the chicken crispers, liked the eggrolls and didn't really like the buffalo wings. Ironically, they gave about 6 wings and gave 3 each of the stuff I preferred. Mum paid for the dinner and we went home.

Triple Play

The bill - RM 143.40

Once we reached home, it started drizzling AGAIN. I then started facebooking for about an hour till 10pm. M and I then watched episode 7 of Hot Shot. After that, she insisted on watching another episode. We finally finished watching the next episode at 12.40am!!

As it was already late, I didn't bother to blog. Went straight to bed and fell asleep 10 minutes later...

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