Monday, December 29, 2008

My 300th post

Woke up at 7.50am by M and saw AM's message. She said it was raining and she was too tired to cycle. So, I went back to sleep. Woke up around 11am and only got out of bed at 11.20am.

Went down and had some biscuits for breakfast. The cleaner was here so I watched TV till she wanted to clean the living room. Then, came up and used the laptop to blog. At about 1pm, dad came home.

I told him I wanted to eat in some place special. We went in the car and I fell asleep. When I woke up, we were in Brickfields. My mood was totally bad right then! (I know I'm a spoilt brat. Haha)

I kept quiet and we finally ended up in a restaurant along the road in Brickfields. Dad ordered some vege, boxing chicken and sweets & sour pork. The girls had coconuts and the guys didn't drink anything.

Kheng Heong, along the road of Brickfields

Our 3 dishes (RM 30++)

The Bill!!

The food were edible but mum (who has alien taste buds) said it was good. Dad then paid the RM 48 bill and we left. By the time we reached home, it was already 3pm.

I turned on the TV and watched Fun With Dick And Jane. Fell asleep about half an hour later. At 3.45pm, I woke up. Minutes later, AM called me. I then took my stuff and rode down to 112.

The four sisters were all there. WM and CM's kids were also all there. SC and AM then took their bikes out and we went cycling. We cycled back to my house and they went in for a drink. Next, we went to CKK's house to look for UB.

UB was sleeping so we went to BSC. We cycled around the car park of BSC for about 15 rounds before going back uphill. Then, we rode back down to 112. AM went in. Then, SC and I continued to ride up the Loft Hill.

This time, it took me slightly less time to climb up. I came downhill faster too. Before going back to 112, we went to Rodalink. The guy let us weigh our bikes (mine was 14kg) and also complained to us about a customer he met just now.

We then went back to 112. I sat there for awhile chatting with the older ones and played a little with their kids. SC made mango juice for me too. At 5.30pm, SY smsed me and asked me to meet at 6pm.

I quickly brought the cup to the back and said bye to everyone. I opened the gate and gave DZ the key. Rode back home as usual. Then, I took a few minutes rest to cool down before showering.

Then, I drove to Gardens and parked there. I gave SY a call and she told me 3 of them already met and asked me where we should eat. KY suggested Pizza Hut so we decided to meet there.

While almost reaching Pizza Hut, SY and the others appeared in my face. I was probably dreaming till I couldn't see them. Next, KY and I went to Pizza Hut while YS and SY went to the bank.

When they came back, we started to order. We ordered 2 regular pizza set for 4 person. Since SY couldn't take beef and prawns, we ordered Hawaiian Chicken and Hawaiian Supreme. Had some small talk while eating.

We finished and paid the bill (RM 54+) at 7.17pm. Walked up to the cinema and went in. We watched Cape No.7 which was actually quite an interesting show.

It's a meaningful movie with a romantic storyline. It also comes with many unexpected comedic scenes. The language used in the movie was Taiwanese, Mandarin and Japanese. The movie started with many pieces of puzzles and the movie ended PERFECTLY!!

The movie started with heavy metal music which I hated. The lead actor's attitude was also stupid. But towards the end, the music was nice and meaningful and the actor didn't show his idiotic side anymore.

I recommend this movie to people that like mild romance movies. Although it is funny, It won't be as funny as comedies like Yes Man. Also, do not expect any action in this movie.

Anyway, after the movie, it was only 9.30pm. We then had was discussing on where to have a drink. We nearly went to around OUG but ended up in Kim Gary. We then walked to Kim Gary and went in.

Each of us ordered a drink and sat there chatting till. I ordered a Honey Lemon Green Tea (hot). We had fun talking about our primary classmates, SPM, genting, and many other stuff. At 11pm, we asked for the bill and we paid RM 6 each.

Honey Lemon Green Tea (hot) - RM 3.90

Once out the door, I said by to the 3 of them and walked to Gardens. I paid the RM 6 parking and drove home. At home, I changed into my pyjamas before starting to blog. It's 1.17am now. Should be going for K-lunch if M manages to get her results early...

*To view YSY's blog post on our outing click here.

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