Friday, October 1, 2010

Eating and Shopping

Woke up at 9.30am and took my shower. Later, I went to pick JW up. We then arrived in Empire at about 11am. There, we walked around before deciding to eat breakfast at "I Love Yoo".

Both of us ordered Set A which came with a You Tiao and Porridge. This time, the you tiao was CRUNCHY!! (AC, it was like our first time eating it, super crunchy!). I can now conclude that if you go in the morning, you'd definitely get the crunchy ones.

You Tiao and Porridge (Set A) - RM 3.90

Later, we walked around till it was 12pm. Then, we drove back out to pick MT from the KTM station. Drove to Empire again. This time, we went to check out the Lex Indoor Slide.

We actually saw some VIP slide down it earlier but didn't bother to go up. Anyway, we went all the way up to the second floor (lowest floor is LG) and went to look at the ticketing counter.

Ticketing Counter

Price Listings

But after we saw the price, we backed out. JW and I already discussed that if it's more than RM10, we wouldn't pay. They have a group package though. It's RM45 for 5 people. So if anyone wants to go for the slide, remember to call me too yeah? :)

After walking around, we had lunch in Kenny Rogers. I was still full so I ordered the "Round-up Platter" which came with 3 side orders and a muffin. Everything was good except the "Potato & Gravy" that tasted very weird.

Muffins from our meals (Mine is vanilla)

Round-up Platter - RM 8.50

When we were done, we walked over to The Loaf. This time, the 99cents item JUST came out of the oven. JW grabbed 10 for me and we went to pay at the counter. It was very nice! :)

Maple Butter - RM 0.99 (member price)

Later, we went off and drove to Gardens. We knew parking was going to be impossible at that time. It was 2pm and driving around was very hard. So, we went to the Valet and gave them my keys.

BUT, the counter told us that they are FULL and NOT ACCEPTING ORDERS. So we had no choice left. I told JW and MT to go ahead. I then drove around and see if I could find parking. Fortunately, I did.

Met with mum and J to pass them the pastries. Then, I went to look for JW and MT in Mid Valley. We walked around till our legs got tired. At about 4.45pm, we went to Paddingtons for tea.

I went to the toilet and on the way back, passed by Krispy Kreme. They were giving out free donuts so I took an Original Glazed from them! :)

Later, I went back to Paddingtons and ordered their Tea Time Set. I had their "Dutch Pannekoek with Lemon, Sugar & Butter" and a cup of "Ice Lemon Tea" for RM 7.90. It tasted kinda sour and it was something different. Not too bad actually.

Dutch Pannekoek with Lemon, Sugar & Butter

Ice Lemon Tea

After that, we went to Carefour for a while. Then, we went to Giordano where JW and I bought new hoodies. :D

Dropped MT back at her house before going to my place. That took us about an hour. There, we watched TV till it was 8pm. All of us then had dinner together.

Came upstairs and used the laptop for a while before JW and I went out to TMC. We bought RM97 worth of ingredients because we are gonna make salad tomorrow!

Showered at home before I drove her back to the hostel. Got home just before 12am and started writing this post.

It's 1.30am already and I shall go to bed now. Night...

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