Thursday, September 30, 2010

funTHURStic Day

Woke up at 9.30am and woke AC up. I then showered and got ready. Then, AC came to my place at about 11am. I transferred some videos into his netbook and showed him the Xtreamer. After that, we drove off to TPM.

Waited in the car while AC went to get his bank draft. Then, we went over to APIIT and asked Ms Eish some stuff. In about 20 minutes, we left the place.

Decided to go to Sunway for lunch. So, I called JW and VV to come along. We met up in Starbucks and went to Tony Roma's for lunch. I ordered the Bistro Burger and asked for "Medium Rare". The waiter was shocked and confirmed with me. I nodded.

Complimentary Bread

Potato Soup (from set)

Ice Lemon Tea (from set)

Bistro Burger (set lunch) - RM 23.90

And when the burger arrived, it tasted great! We slowly finished our meal while chatting. This time, I managed to finish everything on my plate. But, I didn't refill my drink though.

Later, we went to Maybank and JW got her bank draft too. VV treated us to Apam Balik in front of Public Bank. It was a little too thick for my liking.

AC then dropped VV at the sidegate. The three of us then went to Mentari Court for bubble tea. I had an Explosion Red Milk Tea with Chocolate Pudding which was good. We laughed our way home. :P

Explosion Red Milk Tea with Chocolate Pudding and Bubbles - RM 3.50

Gave AC his stuff and he drove back home. JW, J and I then watched Glee in my room. I loved this week's Britney episode. Was funny and fun! :D

After that, we went downstairs because AP and KK brought JT over. Later, we had some snacks before coming up to my room at 6.30pm. Both of us then watched Equilibrium till 8pm. The movie was nice and the "Gun Kata" fighting scenes were COOL!

Had dinner after the movie. Then, I hung around till 9.15pm before taking my shower. Later, JW, J, mum and I drove over to SS15.

We went to Snowflake and there were MANY people there. Luckily, we got ourselves a table. I wanted to try their new "Coco Loco" but it was sold out. So, I ordered the Sea Amber Jelly instead.

Sea Amber Jelly (cold) - RM 6.00

After our dessert, all of us were so full. Mum didn't even finish hers. Dropped JW back at the side gate. Got back home at about 11.15pm.

Started blogging but got distracted by One Piece. Anyway, it's 1.30am already. Goodnight...

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