Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Got up at 10am and used the laptop. Then, I got ready for work and ate my brunch. Drove to Gardens and reloaded RM10 to my DiGi. After that, I went to Gelatissimo.

It was my first day at work. Actually, its my first actual hourly-paying part time job. Anyway, Z taught me how to scoop the gelato, how to use the cashier, and also told me the prices of the products.

Later, A joined us. I slowly picked it up. After a few times, I started scooping the medium sized cups and collecting money too. :)

It was interesting to meet customers of different personalities. My legs were tired after my 5 hour shift. But it was somewhat fun and informative.

After that, JW and I went to the Gardens Club for a while. Then at 6.30pm, we came home. We had dinner at 7.30pm and I showered after that.

Later, Mum, J, JW, MM and I went over to Bangsar Village. We ended up in Sakae Sushi. I did take a few Inari and also ordered a Soft Shell Crab Handroll.

Soft Shell Crab Handroll - RM 3.90 each

Kakiage - RM 1.90

We went back at about 10pm and JW helped me put THREE porepacks on my face. Then at 11.10pm, I drove her back.

Got home about an hour later and I started blogging. It's 1am already. Just hope I am not too sore to work tomorrow. Night...

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