Friday, October 15, 2010


Woke up at 7.15am today and quickly washed up. Then, I went down to JW's room and waited for her and FY to get ready. The 3 of us then went downstairs to have the complimentary buffet.

My breakfast!

After that, we went to pack our stuff. Then, we said bye to her dad and went to the hostel. Loaded some of her stuff before we drove back to my place. After that, I uploaded some pictures before both of us fell asleep again.

Forced ourselves to wake up at about 12.40pm or else we would be very lethargic. Then, we went downstairs for lunch and watched TV. Later, we went with mum to send MM's car for service.

After that, we went to TMC and bought some stuff. Because they didn't sell icing sugar, we went over to BV and bought more stuff. Then, we went to Coffee Bean and had some drinks.

Ice Blended The Ultimate and Mocha

Later, we came home and relaxed for a while. Then, JW guided M and J as they made pancakes. It was quite good. We bought Maple Syrup earlier so that made it a good combo.

AP and KK brought JT to visit too. As usual, he was the happy and smiley baby. :D We hung around till it was dinner time. I took my shower and we had dinner at about 7.30pm.

Then, I came upstairs to blog about yesterday. After that, we watched 2 episodes of Glee. The third episode was crappy. Fortunately, the fourth one was much better. It made us laugh hard and the music was quite good too.

Right after that, I sent JW back to the Hostel. We were singing all the way back and it was nice and fun. :)

It's 2.30am already and I shall go to bed now. Gotta wake up tomorrow and go for the Nuffnang event. Then, we'll be baking CUPCAKES!!! Night...

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