Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Day At Work

Woke up and washed up as usual. Then, I picked JW up at about 11.30am. Went back to my place and we had lunch. Later, we went to Gardens and walked around.

Then at about 3.20pm, I walked her to the Gardens Club before going to work. Today was a fun day with my colleagues and some of the customers.

AC came over to say "hi" too. At 6.30pm, I went for my break. JW and I then went to Manhattan Fish Market for dinner. And since today was JCard Day, we got a free drink and soup with every main course.

So we ordered a Dory Fish and Chips to share. We were already full after the soup! And we still miraculously finished the rest of our dinner.

Free Drink and Soup with every Main Course on JCard Day

Fish and Chips (Dory) - RM 15.90

Went back to work at 7.30pm. And as usual, there were many "last-minute" customers that only buy ice cream when we were closing.

All of us went home at 10.30pm and I dropped JW off at her hostel. Came home by 11.45pm and used the laptop. Took my shower before settling some stuff. Was too tired so I went to bed without blogging...

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