Sunday, October 17, 2010

No Good Eat

I woke up at 11am today. Washed up and waited for the rest to come home. Then, we went to Gardens for lunch. Mum brought us to Hokkaido.

There, we order lunch sets. My Chicken Teriyaki wasn't that great though. It was too hard and there was barely any sauce. Later, we tried their ice cream and it turned out to be a rip off! It looked much bigger and tastier in the menu. :(

Side dishes (from set)

Chicken Teriyaki Set - RM 22.00

Green Tea Ice Cream in Waffle Basket - RM 8.80

We went to the Gardens Club for a while before going downstairs. Then we went to Cold Storage to get milk. After that, we went back home and J went straight to making pancakes. I helped her out a little.


This one landed here after J tried to flip it with the pan! :P

When we were done, we stacked the pancakes up and POURED syrup on the top of the stack and let it FLOW! Too bad it didn't come out well in pictures. We couldn't finish all of it though.

Stack of Pancakes! :D

And later, I came upstairs to watch CBML with M. Then, we took turns to shower before going out for dinner. E and mum stayed home because E wanted to watch the new Ben10 series.

Dad brought us to SS2 and we decided to give "Hainan Tea" a try. The menu there was filled with very attractive and good looking pictures. Unfortunately, the food was just so so. The best roti bakar is still Old Town.

Hainan Teh - RM 4.80

Hainan Brown Toast - RM 2.80

Nasi Lemak Sausage - RM 6.90

Later, dad drove us to Pie In The Sky for dessert. I expected something interesting so I took their name card. But when our chocolate cake and apple pie was served, I was disappointed. Left the name card at the table as we went back home.

Royal Choclate Cake - RM 10.90

Apple ala Mode - RM 10.90

Got back at about 9.45pm and I used the laptop for a while. Then, M and I watched "The Expendables". The movie was kinda pointless actually. I expected a cooler story than this. But it was a good movie to pass time.

Downloaded some music before I started writing this post. Anyway, it's close to 1am already and I'm gonna end this post here. Night...


  1. That green tea waffle like.... yak~

  2. Never tried Hokkaido b4... Looks like I'll never try them in the future too...haha


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