Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Change of Plans

Woke up at about 8.30am and took my shower. Then, I drove on to Sunway and picked JW. Went over to Lagoon Perdana to pick A and L. We went to 3K Inns and wanted to use the swimming pool.

But, the staff told us that the girls needed swimming caps. And since the sports shop only opens at 10.30am, we went to A&W for some breakfast. I didn't eat though.

At about 10.45am, we went back to find the shop closed. Waited another 5 minutes before we gave up. So, we dropped A and L off. Then, we made our way back to my place.

There, both of us napped till almost 1pm. Then, we went downstairs to have lunch. We then went to Bangsar Village and checked out some stores. Before going back, we bought some prawn thing for GM.

After a while, we followed mum to the workshop to pick dad up. Then, he drove us to Suchan. There, we ordered 3 cakes. Banana Torte, Tiramisu, and Explosion. I didn't like the banana cake but the Tiramisu was nice and the meringue from the Explosion was much nicer that the ones we baked.

Tiramisu - RM 10.90

Explosion (Chocolate Meringue with Hazelnut) - RM 10.90

Banana Torte - RM 10.90

We made our way to Lucky Garden after that. Went to takeaway a complimentary slice of cake thanks to Women's Weekly. Brought that back for the girls. Later, we fell asleep on the sofa and woke up at 7.40pm to eat dinner.

Earlier in the evening, someone from Nuffnang called JW to tell her that the movie tonight is postponed. We were upset because I already took today off. So it's impossible to get tomorrow off. Therefore, we can't go.

After dinner, we rested for awhile. Then, all of us went to A&W again. This time, we had dessert. Had some onion rings, rootbeer, waffles and ice cream. We ordered a "bear essentials" but the lady made 4 sundaes. Since she was going to throw them away, we just accepted it.

Rootbeer Float

Four Mint Sundaes :D

Later, we came back to the house for awhile. JW packed her stuff and I sent her back. Got home at about 12.30am and started blogging.

Going off now. Night...

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