Sunday, October 24, 2010

JW's Food Challenge

Woke up at about 7.45am to send J to BISDS. Then, I came back and continue sleeping. Only woke up again at 12.30pm. Then, I started blogging and washing up. Had my lunch too. Just steamed the leftover Mac and Cheese.

Then, I drove over to Sunway Pyramid to look for JW and the others. She was about to go onstage for the Popeyes Food Challenge. Wished her good luck.

JW getting ready

The food

To our surprise, she was amazing! She had some awesome strategy that nobody there used. But while everyone was cheering for her, another girl won! Not long after that, JW finished all her food and stuck her tongue out. She was the runner up. :)

Waited for everyone to finish eating before there was a prize giving ceremony. I think JW was the emcee's favourite because they kept calling her name.

Popeye's Food Challenge - Runner Up

Later, VV, ZF and the both of us went to Chocolate for ice cream. Ordered their Vanilla Sundae as usual. Waited till 4pm before going over to the concourse to watch the Shrimp Eating Competition.

Vanilla Sundae

But when we got there, it was already over. Turns out, the moved the event forward so we missed it.

So we decided to walk around till about 5.30pm. Then, we went back to JW's hostel and she got ready for MT's Birthday dinner. AF and VV joined us too.

We arrived at about 7.10pm at Souled Out. 20 minutes earlier than what I expected. We were given nice seats upstairs because there was no place upstairs. The deco was nice but I didn't like the super dark lighting.

MT and her other college friends arrived at about 7.25pm. We then started ordering our food. AF, VV, JW and I shared two pizzas. They weren't too great though. JW also ordered the Passionfruit Margarita which was nice! We shared the great Guinness Lychee Shooters too!

Beefed Out

Mamma Mia

Passionfruit Margarita

Guinness Lychee Shooters

Later, they put a viking helmet on MT and we sang her a birthday song. Then, VV made her stand up, hit the glass with the knife and give us a toast. She was so happy she cried after that! :p

After that, we also had a slice of MT's Hagen Dazs birthday cake. When we were done chatting, we paid the bill and went off.

I passed by Geo's and VV was so excited. So we decided to stop by to try their special homemade burger. I ordered the Chicken (only the chicken is special) Burger and the patty was so soft. It was also served with potato chips! :)

Chicken Burger (Special) - RM 7.00

Chilled out (it was raining) till about 11.20pm before we went off. Dropped them at the side gate and came home myself.

Used the laptop for a while before taking my shower. Chatted with the Popeyes Food Challenge Runner Up for a while before going to bed...


  1. OMG...that is SO NOT one of my most glamorous moments. HAHA!!!! Aaahhhh!!!!


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