Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Of Skating and Burgers

Woke up at about 9am and washed up. Went to pick JW and we went over to Sunway Pyramid. Then, we went to Subway for breakfast. There, we had the "Breakfast Strips with Ham" sandwich and teh tarik.

Breakfast Set - RM 6.30

Later, we went over to the skating ring. By the time we paid, it was already 11.30am. Walked about 2 rounds in the ring before I could skate. But by then, there was a wound on my leg. I ignored it and we continued skating till about 1.30pm.

This was actually my second time in the skating ring. I didn't fall this time too. Unfortunately, JW fell over many times. Some of those times, she fell because SOMEONE ELSE either hit her or pushed her. Well despite the pain, both of us had FUN!

FY came to meet us and we went over to McD for lunch. I ordered a Chicken McDeluxe. Later, we went back to JW's hostel for her to get her notes. Then, we dropped FY at the LRT station before coming back to my house.

Chicken McDeluxe McValue Meal - RM 6.25

There, I changed my socks and got some stuff. After that, we drove to Gardens and I went to work. And at about 6.30pm, I took a break. Both of us then went to Tony Roma's for dinner. We shared a Big Stack Burger for dinner. It was so filling!

Big Stack Burger - RM 24.90

Went back to work after that. So many customers came to the shop after dinner. The total opposite of this afternoon.

Anyway, we started closing and JW waited for me. Then at 10.30pm, all of us said goodbye and went home. I drove JW back to her hostel before I came home.

Took a nice shower before I started to write this post. Anyway, it's 12.30am already. Goodnight...

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