Monday, October 18, 2010

Nice Combo

Woke up at about 9am today and washed up. Went to pick JW up and we went to Empire. We wanted to buy bread from the Loaf. But, their 99 cents promo was still for the Maple Butter. So we decided not to.

Our breakfast.

Instead, we went to Jaya Grocer and did some shopping. This is the only place we found 500g of SCS butter so we bought 2 chunks of it. Also bought some other stuff. And since we spent more than RM50, we could buy a rack of eggs for just RM1. :)

Back home, we started our new project, making Ghosties! They are actually meringue with chocolate chips. It didn't turned out that well though. Hopefully next time it'd be better. Anyway, they are still CUTE!


Huge Ghostie :D

Later, we had lunch and relaxed for a while. Then, mum dropped JW and I at Gardens. I went to work and JW went to The Gardens Club to study.

At about 6.30pm, I took a break and went to have dinner with JW. We decided to eat at Sushi Zanmai. There, I had a Chicken Katsudon. It was just okay though.

Chicken Katsudon (S) - RM 8.80

Went back to work till it was 10.30pm. Then, I went to join mum, J, E and JW at Starbucks. I finished their leftovers and we went back home.

Rested a while before I sent JW home. Got back here slightly after 12am. Used the laptop for a while before taking my shower.

Anyway, it's 1.30am already and I shall go to bed soon. Night...

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