Saturday, October 2, 2010

Of Salad and Rain

Woke up at about 9.30am and went to wash up. Picked JW from her hostel and dropped her at TMC to buy a lemon. Then, we came back home and started making our lunch.

Halfway through, I got a phone call from SC. Turns out, a relative went to 112 but he didn't have the key. So, I went down to bring her to our place instead.

Continued with our lunch for about another 45 minutes. I made croutons while JW prepared the Caesar Salad mixture, the vege and we both cooked the chicken. I was also in charge of the Potato Salad which later turned out to be Mashed Potato because I was too rough. :P



Potato Salad (before mixing)


Caesar Salad Mix

The Vege

I apologize for not taking pictures of the completed salad. But, that was because I was too hungry and totally forgot about it. The salad was good and the process was also very fun! Haha.

Later, we went upstairs to watch "Letters to Juliet". But halfway through the movie, JW and I both fell asleep. I woke up in time to catch the last 30 minutes of the show. It was so predictable and lame if you ask me...

At about 7.10pm, all of us went out for dinner. We went to Desa Water Park to attend the "Ti-Ratana 13th Anniversary" charity dinner. Once we got in, each of us were given a stick of "Ferrero Tronky". I have a feeling that its the same company as Ferrero Rocher...

Ferrero Tronky

The dinner wasn't that good. But since it was for charity, we didn't mind. DGG and DGJ joined us too. The only performance I enjoyed there was by this group called "Just A Sound". Some of them can sing very well and their Acapella was great.

Just A Sound

Later, it started raining heavily! Even under the huge zinc roof, ALL of us GOT WET! The wind was strong and the rain was heavy. Everyone who sat by the sides scrambled into the middle.

But, that was actually useless because even though we sat in the middle, lots and lots of water were still pouring onto our faces! So, some of them used plastic bags to cover their head. A rare few used umbrellas while others used magazines.

The food was all wet and nobody felt like eating. Luckily, the dessert was quite nice. By the time the event ended, it was already pass 11pm. We went back home.

After that, I drove JW back home and she wasn't feeling too well. Came home at about 12.30am and spotted this wasp on my floor. I nearly stepped on it!!

Took my shower just before 1am. And when I came out, I tried to move the dead bug aside. Just as I lightly blew some wind to it, it MOVED! It raised its wings slowly and I got so scared! But after some slow movements, it stopped again.

Dad said it died. He then grabbed it and threw it away. I was then left to my own bugless room. Decided to blog the next day and went to bed...

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