Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home, Work, Home

Woke up at about 11.50am and lazed on the bed till it was 12.30pm. Used the laptop for a while before getting ready for work. Ate my lunch and waited for M to come back. Then, she dropped me off at the Gardens.

Went to work as usual. Took a break at 6.15pm and walked to the food court. Ordered the Claypot Yee Mee for dinner. It was too hot for me to enjoy but it was still okay.

Claypot "Black Sauce" Yee Mee with Chicken - RM 6.50

Got back to work till it was 10.30pm. Mum and dad picked me up. Got home at about 10.50pm.

Used the laptop for a short while before taking my shower. Came back to my room and continued writing this post.

Anyway, it's 11.42pm already and I shall end this post now. Goodnight...

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